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Mini Chocolate Angel Foodcakes

Hi everyone and Happy Good Friday!!

Today I am taking the day off, well kind of! Tomorrow is my virtual 5k run and I am going to stretch, do some yoga, eat healthy and get my mind-set in to the race.    I’m a little nervous, since this will be a long run for me.  But it’s a starting point and now that I am doing this, after the race I’m going to keep practicing.  I see people can do a run in under 15 minutes or less and I am amazed.  As of today I can run 3 miles in about 40 minutes.  That’s long, I know, but practice makes perfect!  So hopefully by the end of summer I can do it under 30 minutes!

Are you looking for a recipe?  Well I have one for you!!   You will find me over at one of my favorite blogs Noshing with the Nolands.   I am happy to be guest posting over there while Tara takes a well deserved Spring Break!!  Stop by, and say hi and be sure to look around Tara’s blog.  She has some wonderful recipes, gorgeous pictures and great reviews.   I simply love her blog!  I’m tell you she had the most scrumptious looking dishes that are sure to please every type of foodie!!

Oh, wonder what I made?  I made a healthy, light Mini Chocolate Angel Foodcakes.  They are so perfect for serving at Easter Brunch or just grab one and eat them up!  They are guilt free and so many ways to top them!!!  So be sure to get the recipe at Noshing with the Nolands.

Have a wonderful weekend and I’ll be back tomorrow with another Fun Saturday!!




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