Our Little Secret

Shhhhhhh, he’s asleep, time to light a candle

Tip toeing into the kitchen, I can’t wake him, this is my time.  Going to reach into my hidden stash.

It’s a tad dark in here.  I have to put on the low lights.  That’s better.  Which one do I want? How about all of it????

But first I have to brew a cup of hot decafe coffee.

While the coffee is brewing I must unwrap my hidden treasures.  I found the golden ticket.

Time to put my private party together.

Ohhh, I must take a piece of chocolate and just let it sit on my tongue and melt.   No wonder why some cultures refer to it as the “food of the gods;”.  Pure decadence! There is nothing better than the taste of smooth, creamy, rich chocolate all on its own, unless…

You dip it in homemade peanut butter.

Oh this is such a sin, but it’s so good, every once in a while it’s good to indulge.  Let’s make chocolate sandwiches.

Yes please…

How about a piece of Toffee Interlude Intense Dark Chocolate sandwiched between a banana and strawberry?

I have to hurry, it’s getting late, and I think he may have heard me.  But I must have just a little more irresistible intense dark chocolate dipped in peanut butter.

I ate it all, but one tiny piece.  Gone….

Shhhh, he’s coming!!!  Remember this is our little secret.  Lights out!!!

What do you do to create a perfect private moment?

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  1. So cute Jennifer, at my house there’d be one problem however – my husband is a super sleuth and no mater where I hide “the stash”, he finds it so my special treat time would be a bit disappointing 🙂

  2. Hehe. Very cute, Jen! and that’s one sinfully delicious party you have going on there!

  3. There’s no way I’d be sharing those babies either! What a delicious post!

  4. Nice little tease there. Too bad for me I am reading this at 8am.

  5. My hubby would never let me get away with this! I’d have to double the stash so we can both enjoy it after the kiddos go to bed 😉

  6. What an excellent healthy treat…sweet chocolate and fruit and protein from the pb! YUMMY!

  7. I love the way you’ve told this story 🙂 Oh and that flavor combo (strawberry, peanut butter, chocolate, banana) looks killer! Well done

  8. Well done!!! And totally stealthy!! LOVE the peanut butter complement!

  9. This is the best possible way to spend Me Time 🙂 Love your stash!

  10. Myra Wooderson says

    I simply can’t keep that kind of stash in the house any longer. I have also had to abolish peanut butter…for now. But oh my yes, those night time dark chocolate treats are pure joy!!! I have enjoyed an evening treat of a single square of Ghirardelli 72% dark chocolate and a nice Cab…Woo Woo!!! 🙂

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