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Weekly Recap – July 22, 2102

Hi Everyone,

It’s Saturday morning and I have already done so much!  I figured I better get my errands done before the heat comes.  At 7am this morning it was already 80 degrees out.  I was going to exercise, but decided on heading to the Farmers Market and Trader Joe’s instead.  I like to go early because both places aren’t so busy.  I’m also writing my blog at 11:00am which is totally early for me because I think my Husband and I are having a date today.  Crossing fingers.

I have to tell you I really am happy to be home.  I missed cooking, writing my blog and relaxing with my family.  I am in such a great mood today!  When I was driving to the Farmer’s Market, I opened all the windows in the car, blasted some Metallica and was singing like a teenager.  It’s fun to be all wacky and everything!!  So first stop is Farmers Market, here is what I bought!

I think I did pretty good.  Everythng cost me $27,00.  I bought some nice peppers, fresh peaches and nectarines, a crap load of strawberries and cherries.  I also got some nice green beans.  I normally grow them in my garden, but there a pain to pick so I skipped them this year.  I also got some 8 ball zucchini squash and 3 ears of fresh corn.  My poor Husband, I am on such a veggies kick this week!!!

Next stop Trader Joe’s.

I didn’t get too much, but I spent $80.00.  There’s a new item in there, so you’ll have to check out the Trader Joe’s page, I updated it this morning.  You would think I would have spent more since I haven’t grocery shopped in a couple of weeks, but I did got to TJ’s 3 times this week to pick up some odds and ends.

Now to recap this weeks recipes.

Sunday – Peaches and Cream Smoothie, this is an amazing drink.  It tastes like your drinking fresh peaches.  I love it and my Husband did too!!

Monday – Vanilla Frozen Yogurt :  This tastes so good straight from the ice cream maker.  Going to try it with adding some vodka to it to see if it softens it up a bit after I freeze it.

Tuesday – I’m back:  My trip to Germany and Paris – Love my trip but I am so happy to be home!















Wednesday – Corn Chowder:  I love is soup.  I got some comments that the weather is to warm for soup, but honestly that day it was chilly and rainy, perfect soup day.  This soup is so sweet.  I froze the leftovers and plan on updating it with some extras.

Thursday – Fresh Pasta with Roasted Tomatoes:  This dish made Food Buzz’s top 9 on Saturday.  I am so pleased with that!  I feel like I won a Grammy award when I make the top 9!  Oh and oven roasted tomatoes tastes AMAZING!!!

Friday – Chocolate Coconut Banana Cream Parfait – This dessert is amazing, better than I thought it would be.  My family loved it!!  This is one I will make again and again!!  You have to try the coconut cream, it’s so easy and thick and delish!!

Saturday – Blueberry Muffin Smoothie – I love this smoothie, it’s so simple and tastes delish!!  The hint of cinnamon and the added yogurt was perfect!!

This was a fun week for cooking, but I have a feeling next week will be even better!!  Time for me to update my recipe page and then bug my Husband to do something today.

Have a wonderful rest of the weekend!



P.S.  Don’t forget to check out my Trader Joe’s page.  There are a few new awesome items!

One of my favorite new Frappes!  Making one today!!

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