Weekly Recap – July 22, 2102

Hi Everyone,

It’s Saturday morning and I have already done so much!  I figured I better get my errands done before the heat comes.  At 7am this morning it was already 80 degrees out.  I was going to exercise, but decided on heading to the Farmers Market and Trader Joe’s instead.  I like to go early because both places aren’t so busy.  I’m also writing my blog at 11:00am which is totally early for me because I think my Husband and I are having a date today.  Crossing fingers.

I have to tell you I really am happy to be home.  I missed cooking, writing my blog and relaxing with my family.  I am in such a great mood today!  When I was driving to the Farmer’s Market, I opened all the windows in the car, blasted some Metallica and was singing like a teenager.  It’s fun to be all wacky and everything!!  So first stop is Farmers Market, here is what I bought!

I think I did pretty good.  Everythng cost me $27,00.  I bought some nice peppers, fresh peaches and nectarines, a crap load of strawberries and cherries.  I also got some nice green beans.  I normally grow them in my garden, but there a pain to pick so I skipped them this year.  I also got some 8 ball zucchini squash and 3 ears of fresh corn.  My poor Husband, I am on such a veggies kick this week!!!

Next stop Trader Joe’s.

I didn’t get too much, but I spent $80.00.  There’s a new item in there, so you’ll have to check out the Trader Joe’s page, I updated it this morning.  You would think I would have spent more since I haven’t grocery shopped in a couple of weeks, but I did got to TJ’s 3 times this week to pick up some odds and ends.

Now to recap this weeks recipes.

Sunday – Peaches and Cream Smoothie, this is an amazing drink.  It tastes like your drinking fresh peaches.  I love it and my Husband did too!!

Monday – Vanilla Frozen Yogurt :  This tastes so good straight from the ice cream maker.  Going to try it with adding some vodka to it to see if it softens it up a bit after I freeze it.

Tuesday – I’m back:  My trip to Germany and Paris – Love my trip but I am so happy to be home!















Wednesday – Corn Chowder:  I love is soup.  I got some comments that the weather is to warm for soup, but honestly that day it was chilly and rainy, perfect soup day.  This soup is so sweet.  I froze the leftovers and plan on updating it with some extras.

Thursday – Fresh Pasta with Roasted Tomatoes:  This dish made Food Buzz’s top 9 on Saturday.  I am so pleased with that!  I feel like I won a Grammy award when I make the top 9!  Oh and oven roasted tomatoes tastes AMAZING!!!

Friday – Chocolate Coconut Banana Cream Parfait – This dessert is amazing, better than I thought it would be.  My family loved it!!  This is one I will make again and again!!  You have to try the coconut cream, it’s so easy and thick and delish!!

Saturday – Blueberry Muffin Smoothie – I love this smoothie, it’s so simple and tastes delish!!  The hint of cinnamon and the added yogurt was perfect!!

This was a fun week for cooking, but I have a feeling next week will be even better!!  Time for me to update my recipe page and then bug my Husband to do something today.

Have a wonderful rest of the weekend!



P.S.  Don’t forget to check out my Trader Joe’s page.  There are a few new awesome items!

One of my favorite new Frappes!  Making one today!!


  1. I love your blog! Been following it for a while now and have tried several of your recipes. This may be a really random question, but where do you find all the cute straws you use in your drinks?? I love them!

  2. Hi Jennifer! Thanks for following me on twitter! It’s so fun that you were in Germany not so long ago. I live near Munich in Bavaria.
    I loved the pastry pics from Paris. I think I really need to go there because of the lovely pastry!
    I also need to make a frappe soon 🙂

    Take care,


  3. Woohoo!!! Congrats on the Top 9 and ALL the deliciousness this week. I’m way overdue for a TJ’s run so I will check out your page and make my list 🙂

  4. Hi Jennifer! I recently started following your blog and love it!! I am using this as inspiration for healthy eating and work-outs. I have lost my drive over the last couple of months but you are helping me get it back. Will be trying some of our recipes over the next month – they look great!!

    • I’m with you Nancy, honestly I lost my drive to, but I am pushing myself to workout at least 30 minutes Mon – Fri no matter how lazy I feel. Just take it slow and work your way up! Remember how good you will feel when it’s done. Also eating healthy is the best way to go, because weight loss and healthy living is 80% diet! If you try out any of my recipes, stop back and let me know how they turn out for you. Good luck to you!

      • Jennifer,

        I tried your Cherry Chocolate Chip Frozen Yogurt and really liked it!! I have gotten my husband to try greek yogurt with honey and to his surprise he likes it – so his version was a little different.

        Next week while he is out of town I plan on having your Pan Seared Chicken with Cherry Salsa.

        Thanks again for the recipes and encouragement!!

        • Your welcome! I’m glad you like the yogurt, I love it and have a bowl every night since I posted this recipe! It so guilt free and you can make it anyway you like! Now only if I could get my Husband to eat greek yogurt. Let me know how you like the chicken!!

  5. You have so much amazing energy!! So much fun seeing what you have been up to this week!

  6. congrats on your top 9 and wow, these smoothies and fresh produce all just look delish!

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