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Weekly Recap – July 8, 2012

Hi Everyone,

Today I am recapping all of this weeks recipes in case you missed them.  I’m crossing my fingers that the links to the recipes work, since I’m writing this before I actually see them posted.

We started out Monday with my newest coffee drink the Skinny Caramel Frappe.  I am loving this drink!!

Skinny Caramel Frappe

Tuesday we had the All American Pancakes.  I know the flag is geeky, but hey I was celebrating!

All American Pancakes

Wednesday we had the Holiday Recipe Club and for that I made the Peach and Blueberry Crisp, which is so heavenly!  I loved the combination of peaches and blueberries.

Peach and Blueberry Crisp

Thursday I made my Honey Roasted Pretzel Peanut Butter.  Mmmmm, this is some good stuff!!!

Honey Roasted Pretzel Peanut Butter

Friday I made Stuffed Peppers for my Husband to have for dinners while I am away.  These are one of my favorites.  I hope you do try them!

Stuffed Peppers

Saturday was Mom’s Crazy Cooking Challenge and I made Buffalo Breaded Chicken Fingers.  I have left overs so I can’t wait to make a sandwich with the chicken.  These are soooooo good!!! Love my Franks Hot Sauce!

Buffalo Chicken Fingers

I hope you liked this weeks recipes.  I wanted to let you know that I put up for charity my Pina Colada Cookies for the Colorado Wild Fire Bake sale.

Here is some information about the charity.

Colorado Disaster Relief Fund c/0 Red Cross to help with fire victims.

Colorado has suffered from more than one very destructive fire so far this summer.  The High Park Fire that started on June 9th has destroyed 257 homes, and burned more than 87,000 acres.  It is now fully contained (that does not mean it has actually stopped burning).   On June 23rd, The Waldo Canyon Fire started.  It has destroyed approximately 350 homes, and burned over 18,000 acres.  The Waldo Canyon Fire is currently 55% contained, with more than 3000 people still evacuated from their homes.  Together these fires have cost over $50 million dollars to fight, and the work is not done.

Please check out all the cookies and baked goods that are up for charity.  This is such a worthy cause.  I put the link on the side of my blog for you to click or you can go here.

Have a wonderful week!



P.S.  Hubby, please bid on some cookies or something for us, even for yourself, I’ll pay for them.

Pina Colada Cookies for charity


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