Strawberry Coconut Pancakes

Hello Everyone,

Yah it’s Friday!  Any plans for the big Father’s Day weekend?  I asked my Husband what he wanted to do and he hasn’t a clue.  We will probably just hang out at home since it’s suppose to be 100 here!  Eck!!  I wish he liked breakfast, because than I would take him to my favorite restaurant for a wonderful breakfast, but after all it’s Father’s Day and not Jennifer Day!  🙂  I’ll probably end up making him a big fat steak for his dinner, since he loves his meat and maybe if he’s super nice to me I’ll make potato salad, but we shall see.

Now you know I couldn’t go a week without giving you one of my favorite breakfast treats.  I figured I’d wait till Friday to show you since you could make them over the weekend.

These are my Strawberry Coconut Pancakes.  Don’t they look delectable?  I am loving the Strawberry Quick jam I put on them.  It goes so perfect with these pancakes.  There so sweet and just dam good!!  Now if you haven’t made my Strawberry Quick Jam you are missing out!!!  If you’re a strawberry fan, you must make it, I promise you will love it.  It tastes like the filling of a strawberry shortcake.  Sweet and delish!

The best way I can describe these pancakes are light, chock full of fresh strawberries and has light hint of coconut.  I used coconut extract and coconut sugar in this batch of pancakes.  Have you tried coconut sugar?  I found some at my grocery store and oh my gosh does it taste like sweet coconut.  Same calories as regular sugar, which is 15 calories a tsp.  Next time you’re at the store you must look for it!  I found it in the health food section of the grocery store.

For the topping and between each pancake I used Chobani Plain Greek Yogurt and I added a little coconut extract.  Chobani if you see this, you should really make coconut greek yogurt!  That would be so good!!  Ohh and mixed in with your Pineapple, yum!!!

I made these pancakes using my Spelt Pancake mix that my Foodie Penpal (Thank you Kristin) got me a couple of months ago.  I love the Spelt Pancakes.  They don’t taste any different and spelt flour is a little healthier than whole wheat flour.  If you do not have spelt pancake mix, I am giving you the alternative mixture to use in the note section of the recipe, so you can make these too!!

Strawberry Coconut Pancakes
Nutrition Information
  • Serves: 6 Pancakes
  • Serving size: 3 Pancakes
    Prep time: 
    Cook time: 
    Total time: 
    A sweet, light and healthy pancake made with greek yogurt and chock full of fresh strawberries with a hint of coconut. Topped with fresh strawberries and a coconut yogurt sauce.
    • ⅓-cup 0% Greek Yogurt
    • 2 egg whites
    • ½ tsp coconut extract
    • ⅓ cup Spelt Pancake Mix or see notes for from scratch pancakes
    • ½ tsp. coconut sugar or regular sugar
    • ½ cup strawberries, fresh, diced
    • **Topping**
    • ½ cup strawberries, cut up or ¼ cup. strawberry quick jam
    • ¼ cup greek yogurt
    • ¼ tsp. coconut extract
    1. Mix Greek Yogurt, Egg Whites, and Coconut Extract into a small bowl.
    2. In a separate bowl combine Pancake Mix and sugar ( or Flour, Baking Soda, & Salt see notes for ingredients)
    3. Combine and whisk till evenly mixed
    4. Fold in ½ cup strawberries
    5. Place ¼-cup batter onto non-stick skillet and cook till bubbles start appearing through the top of the pancake and then flip.
    6. **For topping**
    7. Add ½ cup strawberries in the microwave and cook for about 15 seconds, mash with a fork, and cook for another 15 seconds until soft.
    8. Meanwhile in a small bowl, add ¼ cup greek yogurt with coconut extract. Mix until combined.
    9. Top pancakes with greek yogurt and top with warmed strawberries.
    Alternative to Spelt Pancake Mix: ⅓ cup whole wheat pastry flour ½ tsp Baking Soda, Dash of Salt (calories will be just about the same)

    Calorie per 3 pancakes with toppings: 167.2, Fat: 1.2, Cholesterol: 0, Sodium: 99, Potassium: 229.4, Carbs: 23.6, Fiber: 6.5, Sugar: 4, Protein: 16.1

    I happy to report after month of pure laziness, meaning no exercise, I finally did some strength training today.  All I can say is, it hurt!  I can’t believe how hard it was to do since I stopped.  I feel good that I did it and I plan on doing it again on Saturday morning.  I thought to myself with summer here, I better get my butt in gear!!!  As the Nike commercial says, you just need to do it!

    Well thats it for me!  But before I go, I have a question for you.  What kind of pancakes would you like me to make next?  You know Sunday is my pancake making day and I am always looking for new ideas.

    I hope you have a great weekend!!!






    1. A man who doesn’t like breakfast or pancakes…still so strange to me! Especially when you make them look so delicious!

    2. They look so fluffy! 🙂

    3. My big plan for the weekend is to make these drool inducing pancakes! 🙂

    4. If you’re trying to make me ruin my computer from all the drooling on the keyboard then you’ve been successful. Great recipe and photos looks amazing. Cheers!

    5. I love coconut sugar! I found it a few weeks ago. It’s not cheap so I use it only in a few recipes but gosh does it taste way better . Last time I saw a coconut flour at the store so I though abut making pancakes with it.
      Your pancakes look fabulous !

      • I made pancakes with the coconut flour once and for some reason they stuck and made a horrible mess. I would recommend using only half of the recommended amount in the recipe. But thats from my experience. I’m going to try it again. I know the coconut sugar is not cheap. I paid $5.95 for a small bag, so I’ll use it sparingly too!

    6. I have never used coconut sugar before, I am going to have to look for some!

    7. Great pancakes! I love all the strawberry sauce on top!
      I am not sure what we are doing for Father’s Day this weekend either, hubby has zero requests!

      • The Strawberry Sauce is my favorite! I can just eat right out of the jar!!! Don’t you hate when the Guys have no requests? Than you don’t know what to do for them and even worse you ask them what would you like for a gift and you get “I don’t know”!

    8. OMG these are to die for! I love the way these look and with the yogurt running down them absolutely makes me drool next to your homemade strawberry jam! I was just commenting on someone else’s blog that I’ve never tried spelt flour before but now i have to go out and get some. Great recipe. I can’t wait to try this. Hope your hubby enjoys his Father’s Day!

      Nice blog, first time visiting.

    9. omg, these look sooo good, and i would love to make them for breakfast tomorrow morning! i have some strawberries i need to use up. i only have spelt flour, or whole wheat flour though. do you think either of those would ruin the texture too much?

      • I used spelt pancake mix, so spelt flour, whole wheat or even all purpose flour will work. Check out my recipe under the note section for the measurements because you will need to add salt and baking soda. If you make them let me know how they turn out!!

        • awesome, i’ll be sure to do that! also, i saw coconut sugar for the first time at the store the other day too. it said it doesn’t taste like coconut at all, its just like any other sweetener. i definitely plan on trying it sometime soon.

          • I saw it for the first time to, thats why I had to get it. Now I’m going to check the taste, hang on… Ok, I bought Madhava Organic Coconut Sugar Granulated Coconut Nectar (Blonde). It doesn’t taste like regular sugar and almost has a toasted coconut or even a slight molasses taste. It’s sweet, but I don’t think it is as sweet as regular sugar. My Husband is looking at me, asking what the heck I’m doing tasting sugar. lol

            • hahaha 🙂 these pancakes were sooo yummy. i’m definitely going to make them again, with even more strawberries next time! with the chobani on top it reminded me of the pancakes with strawberries & whipped cream i used to always get at a local diner, and always felt guilty about. no guilt here!

            • Yah, glad they turned out! Your making me crave them, but I’m out of strawberries!! I have to buy more today!! I just love strawberry season!!

    10. These look scrumptious and the photos are beautiful! Wish I had a stack of them right now!

    11. These sound and look tasty!!!

    12. They do look amazing!!! Thank you for sharing on Fit and Fabulous Fridays! 🙂

    13. Wow, I want this RIGHT NOW and the pistachio ones… I’ll write my shopping list. 🙂


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