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Napa Valley Day Trip

Hello Everyone!

This Friday I played hooky from work and decided to take Little Jenny and I for a day trip to Napa Valley.  I love Napa Valley I don’t get there as often I should.  I don’t understand why?  It’s only about an hour drive from me.  So today I thought I would share Jenny’s and my adventure.

First thing we did is stop off at Dean and Deluca’s for breakfast.

They didn’t have a wide selection of food to eat for breakfast, but they did have a nice assortment of goodies.  I tried to eat light, but as you can see I did get a Peanut Butter Cookie. Shame on me!  But, Jenny and decided to split it.  I also got an ice coffee and my normal yogurt and strawberries with some granola.

It was such a beautiful day and hot!  At 9:00am in the morning it had to been near 80 out!  The highest temperature my car registered was 97.  There wasn’t a cloud in the sky.

We headed to St. Helena’s to go to the local Farmers Market.  There’s Farmer’s Market is a school parking lot surrounded by grape orchards and hills.  It’s so pretty there.  Wouldn’t you have liked to have gone to elementary school surrounded my vineyards?  Think of being a kid and running through all the orchards and eating grapes till you got sick!  🙂

Here’s Jenny in the grape vines.

I was a little disappointed in the Farmer’s Market because we go there a little late that things were picked over.

I think due to the heat there weren’t as many vendors either.  But you know me I got some great finds!  I met a gentleman working for Devoto Gardens and he had the most gorgeous flowers!  If I was going straight home I would have bought some.  Just look how beautiful!!  I love the shades of pink!!

Our next stop was one of my favorites, Annie the Baker!  Now I know some of you in the blogging world know Annie.  I am happy to have met her a few times.  Unfortunately she was out of Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Cookies, but I got two of my other favorites Doodle Snicker and Semisweet Chocolate Chunk!  She has a new cookie Orange Dreamsicle that I bought too.  I can’t wait to try it!  I haven’t eaten any of them yet, I’m savoring them till tomorrow!!   Jenny and I will be doing our cookie sampling in the morning.  Here’s Annie with my Semisweet Chocolate Chunk Cookie.  Annie is so sweet! You know she just loves her career and it shows.  I know your jealous that I got some cookies!  he he  Sorry I’m not sharing!  I can’t wait to eat them!

As Jenny and I are walking out, there was gentleman selling Sorbet in a vending cart.  He asked us if we wanted a sample and I was going to say no, but than said ok.  Who am I to say no to a sample?  He gave me strawberry and oh my gosh it was heavenly.  Than I tried pineapple and that was fantastic. Jenny tried the coconut and than she gave me that look.  I told him, yea well take two please!  I ask Robert from Sweet Peabody’s can you mix pineapple and coconut.  He sure did!!  I couldn’t even tell you how good it was! It tasted like fresh pureed fruit.   It was a nice treat to have in the heat!!  What a great salesman, offering us samples. One bite and I had to have more!

He did tell me it was all natural!  I was sold!  As you can see my little cup of sorbet!  Wish I had more!

Oh I have a funny story for you.  I am not the most elegant person and sometimes I talk to loud and react, not thinking.  When I was at the Farmers Market, I saw HUGE heirloom tomato, probably about 3lbs, and I said out loud “Holy Crap, look at the tomato”.  This older lady gave me a weird look and starting talking about me to her friends.  She was whispering, did you hear that girl?  She said holy crap about that tomato.  I was so embarrassed!  Than the lady selling them said, these are expensive, $6.00 a pound.  I was under the impression she didn’t want to sell it to me.  She said it’s to hot out and it can’t sit in the car.  I said ok, and walked a way.  I felt like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, when she was in Bel Air and the ladies didn’t want to sell to her.  Oh well, I shrugged it off!

Here’s a photo across the street from the Farmers Market.

Our next stop was V. Sattui Winery. One of my favorite wineries!!  They have a wonderful deli, beautiful grounds and just a great atmosphere.

Here is one of the walk way paths at the winery.

We took a peak inside and my eyes lit up when I saw this!!!

I didn’t buy any, but the temptation was there.  If I didn’t have a Peanut Butter Cookie for breakfast and Annie’s Cookies waiting for me in the car, one of these treats would of went home with me.

Here’s Jenny and I at the winery.

We got to take a peak into there wine cellar.  It was cool and smelled wonderful in there.  Check out the chandelier.  How neato is that?  I want a wine cellar at my house!!  Ok, this room is just about as big as my house!!

After the visit to the winery, Jenny and I headed down highway 29 to have lunch at Mustards.  I love this restaurant.  The food is amazing!!!  I didn’t order it, but they have the best burgers!!  I told my Husband I have to take him there!  Maybe Sunday?  hint, hint?  My treat?  Unless of course you want to buy?

For lunch I ordered a wonderful watermelon salad with arugula, cheese and a chipotle citrus vinaigrette.  I am going to try to duplicate this salad!  I loved it!!!

I also got a side of there famous jalapeno cheese corn bread with a side of honey butter. Yes, I ate them both!  They were darn good!!  Don’t you love that they look like corn on the cob?

Your going to laugh at Jenny’s lunch.  She got a side of Mac & Cheese and a side of Garlic Mashed Potatoes.  I had a bite of both and they were delish.  The Mac & Cheese was so creamy.  I haven’t had a cream dish like that in forever!!!  She told the waiter I’m going too order a weird lunch, he told her I won’t judge you.  He smiled as he took her order, but I bet he thought she was an odd duck!   But I have to say she ate almost all the mashed potatoes and about half of the Mac & Cheese.  I was pretty impressed!  I don’t know how she stays so thin?  Dam those tiny girls!!

Here’s a shot of the water fountain in front of Mustards.  I just thought it was pretty!!  I like the fountain guy holding the umbrella.

Our last stop before coming home was to the Napa Valley Outlets.  We just had to go to Coach!!  This weekend there having and additional 20% off on everything!!  Wondering if I bought anything?  Yes I did!  I bought Jenny this purse.

This is the one I got, but please don’t look at my picture.  The wind started to pick up and my hair got frizzy for some reason.  I look like poop!!!  But you have to see the purse!  It’s a soft leather in a shiny gold!  The picture doesn’t do it any justice! By the way, both purses came in at under $160.  Thats two Coach purses!  I still can’t believe it and the tags read $358 for each of them.  Crazy!!!  I love the outlet stores.  I would never buy a Coach at regular price.  There purses last forever!  I think Jenny was shocked that I offered to buy her a purse.  But she deserves it!  She gets decent grades in school, she was promoted to shift manager at work and she is just a sweet person!  I’m proud of her, so I think she deserves a treat every once in a while!!  Now me, I deserve a treat everyday!  lol  Just kidding!

That’s it for my day in Napa.  I know I normally post a recipe, but I thought it would be nice to let you into my personal life.  This was a treat for me, because as you know I don’t get out to much and the best part is I got to enjoy spending time with Jenny.  With her busy schedule I rarely see her and she lives with me.

I’ll be back tomorrow with a new recipe!  I am happy to say the weather is going to cool a little bit so I can do some baking.  I saw a pastry at Dean & Deluca’s that gave me an idea for a recipe.  So stay tuned!!

By the way the winner of the Glade Freezeware is Ray

Your Winner  Author: Ray Comment: I like you on FB

Congratulations Ray!  I’ll send you an e-mail!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!  I’ll be doing my normal Saturday stuff, Farmer’s Market  and Trader Joe’s.  Plus I am going to push myself to do some major  exercising.  I have slacked long enough (3 weeks)!!  So I am back!!  After seeing the pictures, I need to do some major toning!!

See you tomorrow!!!!  Oh, and if you want, give me some recipe ideas.  What would you like to me to make that I can try to make a little healthier?



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