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Garlic Mashed Potatoes

We made it to Friday!!!  Woohoo!!!

Thursday morning on my way to work it was 57 degrees, on my way home 54 and rain!  It’s so cold, I actually turned the heat on.  I’m not read for this cold weather.  It just seems to early!  Last week, I wore shorts and this week, sweaters! Were suppose to have rain all weekend, so you know what that means?  Cooking, Baking and Comfort Food!  Do you have any plans for the weekend? Hows the weather where you are?

Thursday, when I came home from work I saw a package on my doorstep. It was something I ordered this week from Open Sky!  It’s a chefs dream!!

This knife is so nice, it cuts so easy!  No putting pressure down, easy to handle and to top it off it’s only mine, no one else can use it!  Our knifes get so dull in this house, it drives me bonkers!!  I wonder if Guy Fieri actually uses these knifes. He claims he came up with the design.I really love the handle, it’s so easy to grip!

So tonight for dinner, I made my easy go to dinner, Trader Joe’s stuffed Pork Tenderloin with homemade Mashed Potatoes and Balsamic Asparagus.

If you ever go to Trader Joe’s try this, you won’t be disappointed!  It’s stuffed with Feta, Spinach and Peppers!  Yum!!  My favorites!  My Husband was so happy with dinner, he said it was like Thanksgiving!

I normally don’t eat mashed potatoes, but little Jenny and my Husband LOVE them!  I like making them, but I tend to stick to Sweet Potatoes, but tonight I had my Cranberry Walnut Rolls.  I keep them in the freezer, and when I want one, I let it sit out at room temperature then throw in the oven for about 2 – 3 minutes and it tastes freshly baked!   I love them!  That was my carb with my meal tonight!  No potatoes for me, well, I did have a taste of them!!

I used some fresh Dill in it, that I got from the Farmers Market this week.  I just cut the ends and put it in a glass of water in the fridge, it seems to last a long time!  Then I trim it if the ends get brown or yellow!

Garlic Mashed Potatoes

2 Cups of Chicken Broth

2 Cups of Water

3 Large Rustic Potatoes – peeled, and diced

1/4 Cup Greek Plain Yogurt

1 tsp.Minced Garlic

2 Tbsp. Butter, I used Brumble and Brown

Few Sprigs of Fresh Dill- chopped small

Salt & Pepper to taste


In a large pot add the water, chicken broth and potatoes.  Bring to a boil and simmer for about 20 minutes, until potatoes are tender.

Once done, drain liquid from pot, add yogurt, butter, garlic and mash with a hand mixer or potato masher until creamy.  Mix in your fresh dill and Salt & Pepper.

Serve and Enjoy!

Serves about 4

Calories per serving:  221,  Fat:  .3,  Sodium:  21,  Potassium:  1184,  Carbs:  49,  Fiber 6.1,  Sugar:  2.2,  Protein:  7

My family absolutely love them and the fresh dill really made the flavor pop!!  Next time you make potatoes, make them in chicken or vegetable broth rather then just plain water!  Trust me, they will taste way better!  The flavor is unbelievable!

All I can say is try the potatoes!

Now for the Vegetable side, a nice Balsamic Asparagus.

This was a nice quick side dish to accompany my dinner.  Lots of flavor going on here tonight!!

Balsamic Asparagus

1 Bunch of Asparagus – Cut into 1″ pieces (Note:   Break the asparagus in half, where it breaks is the good pieces, the other end will be bitter)

1/2 Tbsp.Olive Oil – I used Garlic infused

1/2 Tbsp Balsamic Vinegar


In a a pan, add the oil, heat it up till warm, add your balsamic vinegar and asparagus, cook for about 10 minutes.  The color will be bright green and they’ll be crisp.

Thats it!  A great option, would be to sprinkle some Parmesan Cheese on top! I would of, but I had feta in the pork!!

Serves about 3

Calories per serving:  39,  fat:  2.4,  Sodium:  2.0,  Potassium:  218, Carbs:  3.8,  Fiber:  1.7,  Protein:  1.8

This dinner took about 45 minutes to make total time, not to bad for a fancy little meal!  Healthy and delish!!

I have to tell you, I am so excited!   Stuck to my workout goal this week, and I am at 1800 burn calories!  My goal was 1700!  I’ll tell ya, my butt is sore!!  I worked out on Monday to Chris Frytegs 10lbs Extreme Workout for 20 minutes and I was still sore today, well today I did the same Extreme Workout, but it was for 40 minutes lower body.  Holy Crap, I already feel it!  I guess it means it’s working!!  Woohoo!!! Tonight, I just have to work on Abs and I’m good!  So happy, that means I can relax this weekend, without the pressure of working out!

Have a great weekend!!  Love to hear from ya!!!  Tell me your plans for the weekend, I have the urge to shop!  I need some winter sweaters!  What do you need or want?

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