Multigrain Apple Pilaf

Good morning and happy Tuesday!

I came home from work with a whole idea in my head for dinner, but my husband started dinner already, so I had to move quick!  I came up with a 15 minute apple and pilaf dish that pleased my pallet.


I used pre-cooked the pilaf to make this recipe go quick.  You could do this to, or if you make  it with rice, which was my original intention.   I would cook according to directions on package, but cook the rice in vegetable or chicken broth, not water.  I used Trader Joe’s Multi-grain Pilaf. Two minutes in the microwave and it’s all done! Talk about quick and easy.


This recipe is very similar to my Thanksgiving stuffing.


Multigrain Apple Pilaf

2 Cups of pre-cooked Pilaf or Rice

1/4 Cup of Onion – diced

3 Stalks of Celery – diced small

1 clove of Garlic – Minced

1/4 cup of Carrots – grated or diced small

1 Tbsp of Butter (I used Brumble and Brown)

1 Medium Apple – cored, peeled and diced

3 Sage Leaves – Sliced small

1/2 tsp of Thyme

1/4 Cup of Vegetable Broth

2 Tbsp of Apple Juice

Salt & Pepper to taste


In a skillet, add butter, onion, celery and garlic.  Cook until tender about 4 minutes.  Add carrots and apple.  Cook until the skillet starts to dry, about 3 minutes.  Add your vegetable broth and spices.  Cook until apples and carrots are tender, about another 4 minutes.  Add cooked pilaf or rice and mix together.  Warm everything together and then add apple juice for some added flavor at the end.

This recipe makes about 3 cups

Calories per 1 cup:  197, Fat:  5.2, Sodium:  375, Carbs:  34, Fiber 5.2,  Sugar:  8,  Protein:  6.7

Serve and enjoy!!


But before I go, remember the Apple Coffee Cake from Yesterday?  Well, first I must say they went super quick at work.  My boss loved them and so did everyone else.  Doesn’t it put a smile on your face when someone says they like your cooking?  Well my pictures from yesterday, didn’t do them justice.  Here’s a little better pic, but still not great!  Horrible lighting lately!


Have a great day!



  1. Wow what a fun use of apples! I love mixing fruit into my pilafs…this sounds so good!

  2. great idea! we may actually have a good harvest of our own apples this year so I’ll have to print these recipes out for future reference. we were going to go apple picking today but the weather is not cooperating. hey we need you to come visit so you can help with our grape net, hee hee, the time has come for that chore again!

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