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I Heart Pumpkin

I am so excited to share this blog with you today.  I had so much I wanted to say, but that all went away when I went shopping.  So excited, you don’t even understand!  First let me show you what I got at Cost Plus

To cute right?  I got these adorable pumpkin little pots that can go in the microwave and oven.  I wonder what kind of goodies I can put in there.  Maybe little pumpkin pies?  How about some homemade soup?  Maybe roasted vegetables?  Oh the possibilities are endless.  I also bought some organic sweet potato and sweet potato butter.  Not sure what to do with those items, but I am sure I’ll find something.  Ok, now the best thing that made me excited, you ready?  Here it is!















Ha ha Sugar Free Pumpkin Pie Syrup!  I am so dam excited I can barely control myself!!  Ok, what to do with this?  Here it goes, you ready?

















Pumpkin Pie Ice Coffee Frappe!  OMG!  Overload here, so good!  Now normally this time of year I get depressed because I want all that good pumpkin stuff but the calories kill me, so I don’t get it!  Well sorry Starbucks, I’m staying home to make this!  First before you see the final, let’s do a Starbucks comparison.

Starbucks, Grande Pumpkin Frappe with no Whip Cream light version  Vs Mine:  Mine is the 2nd set of numbers:

Calories:  180            20

Fat:  1                            0

Sodium:  293           32

Carbs:  37                    3

Fiber:  3                       0

Sugar:  29                   3

Protein:  7                  2

Not bad stats huh?  Mine also makes about 4 cups, so you could split it in half and share with someone, but why would you?  Ok, you ready for the final product?  Here it is!!

















Ok, the picture is large, but it deserves to be seen!  I love this!!  So dam good!!  Ok, drop everything and go to Cost Plus and get your Sugar Free Pumpkin Pie Syrup from Torani!!  Go, now!!!!  What are you waiting for?  Ok, stay and finish reading this blog!

Pumpkin Pie  Frappe


1/2 Cup of cold coffee (I put mine in the fridge in the morning and make my drink in the afternoon)

1.5 oz of Pumpkin Pie Syrup (1 shot glass)

1/4 cup of Non-fat Milk (You can use 1/2 cup if you want it more creamy)

2 cups of ice

A dolop of whip cream

Sprinkle of cinnamon


Place everything in the blender and process for about 1 minute.  If it is to thick, add more milk.  Place in a large glass if your drinking it all yourself, which you should.  Add whip cream and cinnamon or pumpkin pie spice!  Sit back and enjoy!  Forget everything else and drink your pie!

Now to tell you, I normally don’t like anything with Splenda, but I do use the Sugar Free Syrups with Splenda in it for my coffee. It’s the only thing I use with Splenda.  I drink ALLOT of coffee, so I need to cut the sugar somewhere.  Now if you don’t like this, or you’re not running out to get your syrup, then try this recipe from Healthy Food for Living  Lauren is kind of enough to let me share it with you.  I tried it yesterday and it was most excellent.  The only modification I used was using Non-fat milk, since I don’t care for Almond Milk.  But her drink was so good!!!  Not to mention no artificial sweeteners.  Very healthy!!

I hope you enjoy this post as I did making it, drinking and loving it!  Ok, I need one more drink, with 20 calories I could drink this all night!!!


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