Gluten Free Pretzel Rolls

Hi Everyone! Remember a few weeks ago when I made Bacon Burger Sliders on homemade rolls?  I originally wanted to make yeast pretzel rolls, but I didn’t get the chance too.  I never made homemade pretzel rolls, and it was on my bucket list of food items to make.  Well about a day before I […]

Are they the Best Burger Buns?

Hi Everyone, Kind Arthur Flour claims that they have the most Beautiful Burger Buns.  They are told they are the best buns ever, but are they?  After seeing countless e-mails from King Arthur with these buns staring at me, I finally gave in to see if their claims are true. First off these are not exactly healthy […]

Healthy Raisin Bread

It’s Friday, it’s Friday!  Doing the happy dance, woohoo it’s Friday, it’s Friday, la la la la la Oh hello everyone!  Don’t mind me, I am just so happy the weekend is here.  It’s been a busy week at work, and I am just so glad it’s over.  I am exhausted!!  Any big plans for […]

French Bread

Hi and Happy Friday! I’m in a great mood!  I beat my fitness goals this week, I got a giveaway coming to you soon (just waiting for the arrival) and I made the best, and I mean best bread ever!  I am so pleased with this bread I couldn’t wait to share it with you! […]

Old Fashion Hamburger Rolls

Yesterday was your typical Monday!  Running late, the pump at the gas station didn’t work, and the commute, man the commute was horrible!  Then to top it off I had to go to the dentist and a tooth I had a root canal and crown on is starting to decay underneath, so I was told […]