Pink Chocolate Chip Cookies

Pink Chocolate Chip Cookies

Happy Valentines Day! Today I stepped out and changed up my Husbands weekly chocolate chip cookie recipe and made them pink!  My Husband looked at them and said they are weird-looking.  Ha ha  I think they are pretty and kind of punk rock looking.  I love the color of them!!  They are so bright and […]

Valentine’s LoftHouse Cookie Bars

Valentine's LoftHouse Cookie Bars

Hi Everyone, Valentine’s Days is happening this week and I am feeling so romantic.  I think all of these hearts, chocolates and wine have really gotten to me and I love it!  So to continue with the love fest I made a super easy Valentine’s LoftHouse Cookie Bars.  This is something I have been wanting […]

Cherry Spritzer Ice Cream Float #SundaySupper

Cherry Spritzer Ice Cream Float

Hi Everyone! Today for #SundaySupper our mission is to make a Valentine’s for two.  That is pretty easy in my house because it’s normally just the Hubby and I and I put love into every meal, so I guess I make Valentine’s for two everyday. lol  Today’s recipe is something quite different, but it really […]

Chocolate Dipped Peanut Butter Cookies

Chocolate Dipped Peanut Butter Cookies (GF)

Hi Everyone, Apparently I am on some kind of chocolate and peanut butter kick, but I can’t help it!  Those two flavors go so well together and honestly what’s not to love?  So today I created another version of my peanut butter cookies which are just perfect for Valentine’s Day. These peanut butter cookies taste […]

Gluten Free Red Velvet Cupcakes

Gluten Free Red Velvet Cupcakes

Hi Everyone, I am so excited for today’s recipe!  But first let me say Happy Birthday to Little Jenny!  Today she turns 22!  I guess she’s not so little anymore.  For her birthday I made her one of her all time favorite cupcakes, Red Velvet!  However, my nutritionist put me on a gluten-free diet, to […]

Yum Yum Wednesday – Red Velvet Pancakes

Red Velvet Pancakes

Hi Everyone, Welcome to my first edition of Yum Yum Wednesday!  I told you Guys back in December that I was going to take a day off from blogging and that didn’t happen through January, so now I am going to start a flashback post on Wednesdays.  This is kind of my way of taking […]

Dark Chocolate Dreams Truffles / Giveaway

Dark Chocolate Dreams Truffles

Hi Everyone, Remember on Saturday when I said I was craving chocolate?  I wasn’t kidding and today’s recipe really cures that chocolate craving I had.  This is not the healthiest recipe in the world but oh my gosh is it ever good! I’m drooling just thinking about it.  Before looking at the photos, please note […]

Valentine’s Day Round Up

Skinny Valentine's Treats

Hi Everyone, It’s funny, but I have the song “The Things We Do for Love” in my head.  It’s been in my head for three days and it won’t go away!  So with that song in my head, I thought I would give you and me an early start for Valentine’s Day.  So today I […]

Valentine’s Day Round Up

Valentine's Treats

Hi Everyone, I wanted to apologize for going a-wall this past weekend.  When I went to Vegas my computer crashed.  It was a black screen telling me to reboot and hit enter.  I did that and it didn’t work!  I called Toshiba and they told me that my hard drive was probably gone and that I should […]

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Hi Everyone, I have a delectably sweet treat that you simply can’t resist!  It screams Valentine’s Day!! I honestly couldn’t think of a more romantic treat than chocolate covered strawberries!!  You would think something so romantic would be difficult or complex, but no, not these treats.  Who can resists a  juicy, sweet strawberry dipped in […]

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