Fruit Loop Treats

Hi Everyone, I have to admit I am on a major Fruit Loops kick. When I was in training in Napa Valley a couple of weeks ago, for breakfast they had boxes of cereal out and I saw Fruit Loops. I haven’t had them in years. I knew I would be hungry mid morning, so […]

Cinnamon Cupcakes with Maple Frosting and Bacon

Hi Everyone, How was you Christmas?  Today I have a Christmas treat for you! It’s the last full week of the year and I need to squeeze in one more not so healthy recipe, since I am starting over in January.  So take this in mind that this is just a splurge treat that I […]

Chocolate Cherry Glazed Donuts

Hi Everyone and Happy National Doughnut / Donut Day!  Honestly I don’t know how to spell doughnut/donut?  What way is the correct way?  I guess I’ll spell it the way I grew up with and that’s Donut!!!  Well, anyway today is a big day in the world, ok USA.  Today is the day to get […]

Holiday Rice Krispie Treats

Hi and happy Thursday! Today’s my last day of work!  Woohoo!  So this coming week, my goal is to find a self hosting site for my blog.  That way I can do hops and other good things and have more control over my blog.  So if you have any recommendations, that would be great! Last night […]

Candy Corn Sugar Cookies

Ok, want to talk cute?  Look at these. There like little Candy Corn Buttons!  I love them!!! I made two batches of these Cutties!  One Chocolate and one plain!  There tiny but ohhh, sooooo good!!  I figured I am watching calories, watching sugar, so I thought if I make these small I can have a […]

Portion Control Apple Pie

Good morning!!! So far so good with working out!  Today I did 20 minutes jump roping,  15 minutes of Abs and 40 minutes of Body by Jake which was all strength training.  I think with that workout I could of used heavier weights.  I used 5lbs dumb bells, only because I never did the workout […]

Pumpkin Cheesecake

This week starts season premier week, so I thought, season premier?  Hmmm, that gives me an idea!  Let’s start out the fall season right with one of the best veggies of the season.  Pumpkin!  Is that actually a fruit or vegetable?  Anyway, I thought I would have one week of pumpkin recipes.   I thought, […]

Peanut Butter Making 101

Happy Sunday to you!  But before I begin let me introduce you to the 2nd man of the house.  His name is Zack!  He is a 16 cup Cusinart Food  Processor.  I love him!  I bought him two weeks ago from Williams and Sonoma.  He was a birthday gift, and what a gift he is! […]

Baked Cake Donuts

I asked Facebook, what goes with coffee?  I got allot of answers, but not the correct one.  Can you guess?  By the way, I kind of over did ordering coffee online, didn’t I? But what else goes with coffee?  D’oh – I think Homer can tell you. But of course Donuts!  Mmmmm, Donuts!  Don’t they […]