Chicken Potsticker Soup

Hi Everyone, Doesn’t seem like time is going fast?  I can’t get over that we are already into February.  I seem to get up, go to work, come home, make dinner, go to bed.  Sheesh, where does the time go?  To give myself a little more time in the evening to do things I like, […]

Chicken and Wild Rice Soup in Crockpot – #SundaySupper

Hi Everyone, It’s another #SundaySupper and today we are slowing bringing in the new year by sharing slow-cooker/crockpot recipes!  Oh yah!!!  Nothing like a slow cooked meal when all of the flavors come together and become one awesome dish!!!  It’s one of my favorite ways to cook, especially when I get home from work and […]

Chicken Noodle Soup – Crockpot

Hi Everyone, Since I started using the Crockpot again, I thought I would share with you one of my family favorites, which is chicken noodle soup.  Oh boy, do we love the soup!  It’s awesome the day you make and tastes just as good the next day, if not better.  When my Husband saw the […]

Beef and Barley Soup #crocktoberfest2013

Hi Everyone, Ready for another Crockpot recipe?   You know how you have those winter time favorite comfort food meals?  You know the kind that warms your heart and soul?  That is what today’s recipe reminds me of. It’s my Beef and Barley Soup, and oh boy is this a new family favorite!   I […]

Cantaloupe Strawberry and Coconut Gazpacho #SundaySupper

Hi Everyone, Happy Sunday to you!!  Today for #SundaySupper we had to make a dish that was free of everything!  Meaning it should or could be gluten-free, vegetarian, sugar-free ect…  So today I thought I would share with you a simple, refreshing summer soup that fits all categories and that is perfect to accompany any […]

Minestrone Soup #SundaySupper

Hi Everyone and Happy Sunday to you! Today for #SundaySupper we are to bring a slow cooked meal to the table.  For me, I originally wanted to get a smoker and slow cook some beef brisket, but that wasn’t happening for me.  So when else fails, I pulled out my handy dandy Crockpot and made […]

Lobster Bisque #SundaySupper

Hi Everyone, Happy Sunday to you!   Today around the #SundaySupper we had to bring soup to the table.  I was kind of torn on what kind of soup to make.  I make soup all of the time but my brain went dead when I had to come up with one.  I debated about a […]

Southwestern Chicken Soup Revamped

Hi Everyone, I still can’t get over that we are already into a new year!  It’s crazy how fast time goes!!  All I know is I am looking forward to spring, blue skies, birds chirping and spring produce!  Boy I miss fresh strawberries.  They are not the same this time of year, no flavor!!  Are you looking […]

Recipe Recap

Hi Everyone, Normally I would post a recipe for you today, but I’m holding off because my Husband is working in the kitchen and I am unable to cook and bake.  Ahhhhh!!!!  My kitchen is a disaster area!!  For Christmas I got a refrigerator and it finally arrived.  My Husband is re-arranging my kitchen so my refrigerator is going to go where my […]

Tomato Soup & Christmas Morning

Hi Everyone, How was your Christmas?  Mine was pretty good!  I think the best part of the day was when the dogs finally pooped out around noon.  I bought them each a Tuffy Dog Toy.  Have you ever heard of Tuffy Toy’s?  They are the best stuffed dog toys ever.  They rate them from 1 […]