Cherry Vanilla Protein Shake #SmoothieMonday

Hi Everyone, Happy Smoothie Monday!  I have to tell you I am on a serious cherry kick!  I can’t get enough of that fiberlishous little fruit!  They are so plump, sweet and juicy!  Since it is cherry season after all, I couldn’t go without creating a cherry smoothie!  So as you can guess, today’s smoothie […]

Strawberry Kiwi Nutritional Shake / Dairy Free Living

Hi Everyone, I have some news for you.  This was a little bit hard for me to take, but I am adapting, oh don’t worry it’s not life threatening news, well it’s that I am Lactose Intolerant.  What does that mean for me?  No more dairy!  Sigh…  How did this happen?  I don’t know?  It’s […]

Thin Mint Cookies

Hi Everyone, Today I would normally post my weekly recap, but I thought I would share that with you tomorrow.  Instead, I decided to share with you a little healthier version of the popular Girl Scout Thin Mint Cookies!  Yum!  They are my favorite Girl Scout Cookies of all time!           […]

Strawberry Milkshake

Happy Memorial Day!!! Hi Everyone!  Hope your having a great weekend!  Mine has been pretty good!  Hubby and I went to breakfast on Sunday and it was fantastic!  Sometime, I’ll have to take a picture of my meal, it’s amazing!!!  After that we came home and did some work on my computer, while Hubby put […]

Shrimp Tostada, Virgin Pina Colada and Coconut Rice

Hi everyone, How was your St. Patrick’s Day?  I didn’t do much, just house work and some cooking, but time sure did go fast.  Here in Northern California it has been nothing but rain, clouds and cold, so I decided to bring the warmth to me, with my tropical dinner. I wanted the taste of the tropics […]

Bailey’s Irish Cream Shake

Hi Everyone, Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!!  Yesterday I told you a fib.  Yes I did, I’m sorry.  I told you I wasn’t going to post anymore St. Patrick’s Day recipes, but I lied.  See my friend Andrea (Ass!) (that’s a little joke between us) told me, I have to post a St. Patrick’s Day recipe on […]

Healthy Shamrock Shake

UPDATE:  I updated the photos of the Healthy Shamrock Shake on March 9, 2013.  I like these ones a little better! 🙂 Hi Everyone, Today is my last St. Patrick’s Day recipe, at least for this week.  I saw so many great recipes posted in the Holiday Recipe Club and from so many blogger posts.  I have […]