Pistachio Cherry Ice Cream (Egg-less) / Make a Blog Icon on Apple Device

Hi Everyone, I am so excited for today’s recipe.  For the first time ever, I made ice cream that didn’t turn out hard as a rock!   Ok, you have no idea how proud I am, plus I think the ingredients are semi-healthy except for the whipping cream, but the rest is all good!  Plus […]

Pistachio and Cherry Cannoli Cups #SundaySupper

Hi Everyone, Today is a fun day at #SundaySupper!  Our mission this week was to make something movie related.   Hmmm, I had a hard time with this one because there are some great movies that is related to food!  After asking around, my Husbands friend said how about the Godfather.  The Godfather!  A classic […]

Lots of fun stuff, plus this weeks Weekly Recap

Happy Saturday! So glad the weekends here!  I have to tell you  Guys I’m pretty stoked for June 29th!  My Friend and I signed up for the Pretty Muddy 5k course in Sacramento, CA.  It’s a course that has you walking, running and going through obstacles in the mud!  Kind of like survivor, but you have food!  lol […]

Skinny Pistachio Thins

Hi Everyone, Wow, tonight I procrastinated my blog, first time ever.  I had writers block.  You know how you have so many things rushing through your mind, that you don’t even know what to think?  That’s me right now.  So I decided to make a decafe latte and just relax.  Breath!   Being a Monday night, […]