White Chocolate, Cream Cheese Berry Pastries

Hi Everyone, Today’s recipe was not planned!  It was one of those emergency recipes.  You know the kind where you search through the refrigerator looking for what you can throw together in a pinch, and to boot the stores aren’t open?  It was on Christmas day this recipe was born.  Every year as a tradition, […]

Apricot Scones with Orange Glaze

Howdy, This past Sunday it was nice and cool in the morning and I couldn’t wait to do some baking.  The thing is, what do I make?  I have really been trying to do a refrigerator clean-up with all of the produce I have, and as I was reaching to the way back of the […]

Baked Churros

Howdy! Ohhhhhh do I have a special treat for you!  One of my favorite fair foods of all times, Churros!!  But my Churros are not traditional Churros, they are baked and not fried, and let  me tell you, you wouldn’t notice the difference! These babies are simply perfect, loaded with cinnamon and sugar and the dough is […]