Pumpkin Pancakes

Hi Everyone, I hope I am not over killing the pumpkin lately, but I have lots of leftovers and I need to use it up and what better way to use pumpkin then to make light, fluffy, healthy pumpkin pancakes? I made these pancakes Saturday morning for Little Jenny and I.  I figured it’s been a […]

Weekly Recap

Hidi Ho Neighbors, How are you on this glorious Sunday?  I have to tell you I’m pretty proud of myself, I have been sticking to my workouts and stuck to what I said, no blogging until I get my workouts in.  I got in 4 days this week of my Chalean Extreme Workout and boy […]

S’more Pancake Popover Wannabe’s

Hi Everyone and Happy Tuesday! Today I have for you my S’more Pancake Popover Wannabe’s.  I tried to make S’more Popovers, but I ended up with a wonderful popover that doesn’t taste quite like s’mores, but  they turned out so good, even better than I expected!  My family loved them, they gobbled these little good for […]

Weekly Recap – July 8, 2012

Hi Everyone, Today I am recapping all of this weeks recipes in case you missed them.  I’m crossing my fingers that the links to the recipes work, since I’m writing this before I actually see them posted. We started out Monday with my newest coffee drink the Skinny Caramel Frappe.  I am loving this drink!! Skinny Caramel […]

My All American Pancakes

Hello and Happy Tuesday! Today I bring to you my All American Pancakes. I had this grand idea of making these pancakes, and I did make them, but they turned out awful!  They were over mixed, ran short on batter and were just a total flop!  I was so disappointed!!  But they do look cool don’t […]

Strawberry Coconut Pancakes

Hello Everyone, Yah it’s Friday!  Any plans for the big Father’s Day weekend?  I asked my Husband what he wanted to do and he hasn’t a clue.  We will probably just hang out at home since it’s suppose to be 100 here!  Eck!!  I wish he liked breakfast, because than I would take him to my […]

Chocolate Espresso Raspberry Pancakes

Hi Everyone, You know me, I like chocolate, berries and coffee, I thought hmmmm, why not throw them into one of my favorite weekend breakfast’s, pancakes!!  Yup, I did it, I made the most delicious pancakes this past weekend.   It’s light fluffy, chocolaty with a slight hint of coffee and one of my favorite […]

Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Pancake Popovers

Hi Everyone, Happy Wednesday!  I just love when I have a day off, the week goes by so much faster.  It was so nice, just cooking, baking and blogging yesterday.  I had a recipe on my mind for a couple of weeks, ever since I made my Berry Popover Pancakes that I just couldn’t get off my mind, […]

Serve Mom Breakfast in Bed

Hi Everyone, I thought today I would put together all of my favorite breakfasts that would be just wonderful to serve Mom in bed!  Wouldn’t she be surprised if you did that?  That won’t be happening for me, since I am the one who gets up first, but hey you never know they may surprise […]

Berry Popover Pancakes

Hi Everyone, I can’t do small talk today, I am just to excited to share today’s recipe with you.  It’s a new way of eating my beloved pancakes!!  Since I created these on Saturday, I have thought of hundreds of ways of making these bad boys!  My mind is spinning, oh I can’t wait to […]