Cranberry Kiss Mocktail

Hi Everyone, I love this time of year with all of the festive holiday treats and drinks.  Today I have for you a light, refreshing mocktail that is perfect for your holiday brunch.  It is a Cranberry Kiss.  Don’t you love the name?  It sounds so sweet and romantic. This drink is slightly tart and […]

Simply Orange Side Salad

Hi Everyone, You know those nights where you make a nice steak or chicken and you do not have anything to serve on the side?  That was me Sunday night.  I looked in my pantry and I didn’t see much.  I looked in the fridge and it was practically empty except for a few veggies. […]

Peachilious Smoothie #SundaySupper

Hi Everyone, Today for #SundaySupper we are sharing with you lighter side recipes.  I have to admit, since after Christmas I have been really trying to keep with the lighter side of things.  I have been drinking lots of smoothies for breakfast, light lunches and dinners with protein, vegetables and a healthy carbs.  I have […]

Pineapple Orange Smoothie

Hi Everyone, I don’t know about you but it has been pretty ugly out here in Northern California. I spend my weekend cooking and baking and for the past 3 weekends it has been rainy or cloudy, meaning bad photography. I miss the sunshine! So you will have to forgive the photos in this post, […]

Good Morning Sunshine Smoothie

Hi Everyone! Welcome to Smoothie Monday!  Today I have a nice smoothie that is simply perfect for breakfast!  Normally I’ll have a little glass of orange juice with my breakfast, but I thought, hey, why no kick it up a notch and make it a fabulous, cheery smoothie that will make your taste buds dance?  So […]

Cranberry Orange Spritzer

Hi Everyone, Normally on Monday’s I try to post a recipe for a smoothie, but since Thanksgiving is on Thursday, I thought I would share with you a holiday drink instead.  After all what are the holidays without a cocktail or two?  And with my cocktail you can have two and not worry about guilt! […]

The Superman Smoothie

Hi Everyone, Happy Monday Smoothie!  Well it’s that time of year where the weather is all over the place.  One day its warm, the next day it’s cold and our bodies don’t know what way is up!  That’s why I created today’s smoothie, The Superman! This smoothie will fight off all germs, sickness and colds […]

Strawberry Pizzazz Smoothie

Hi Everyone! How are you today?  You will have to forgive me, but I am rushed for time today, since I am writing this on Thursday night.  I will be away all weekend and not able to provide a recipe for you and I wanted to be sure to have a smoothie for you for […]

Oranges and Cream Smoothie

Hi Everyone, Happy Monday to you!  I thought we could start the week out with a refreshing, healthy drink that is full of vitamin C and tastes like a dessert.  I was shocked when I took the first sip.  It was something I had when I 13 when my grandma took me to the mall. […]

Post Workout Smoothie

Hi Everyone, Let me tell you I am on another kick, this time it’s smoothies!  I love making smoothies!  You can make so many different kind of variations just by using what you already have on hand.  You can have a smoothie for breakfast, lunch or even dessert!  Make it sweet, make it tart, make it extremely healthy or […]