Apple Pizza #LaraNutButter #Larabar

Hi Everyone, All I can say is OH MY GOSH!!!  a new product is hitting the shelves in the East Bay and North East California at Costco.  It is Lara Nut Butters.  These two nut butters will blow your mind.  They come in two flavors Chocolate Coconut and Banana Nut.  I am normally not crazy about […]

Pumpkin Nut Butter

Hello!! I am sharing with you something that I think you should NOT make!!  Don’t do it!  No matter how tempting it maybe!  It’s pure danger!!!  If you do decided to make it, be warned that I told you not too!! Yes I did it!  I combined peanut butter and pumpkin and came up with […]

Almond Butter

Hello, Can you believe it’s Sunday already?  I was planning on making cookies on Saturday, but I ended up cleaning my kitchen which took hours.  I removed a wine rack we have, and disposed the wine down the sink.  The corks were dry and falling apart.  My kitchen smells like a wine cellar, which I don’t […]