Mango Banana Smoothie #SmoothieMonday

Hi Everyone, Happy Smoothie Monday to you. Today I went simple with my smoothie.  It is however very refreshing and the perfect summer quencher for this crazy August heat. Today my smoothie is Mango Banana Smoothie. This smoothie is made with 3 simple ingredients, mango, banana and milk. It is creamy, thick, slightly frothy and has a […]

Strawberry Mango Smoothie

Hi Everyone! Welcome to another Smoothie Monday!  Today’s smoothie is the perfect summertime smoothie!  It’s light, creamy, refreshing and I have to admit one of my favorites!  It’s my Strawberry Mango Smoothie! This smoothie has the perfect balance of strawberries and mango with a hint of coconut. It just screams summer!! It’s also low-calorie, vegan […]

Mango, Pineapple and Aloe Smoothie #ALOVE #Alosdrink #ALOcontest

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of ALO Drink for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine. Hi Everyone, Today I have for you another drink recipe.  I told you with my dentist visit this week I would be posting drink recipes.  I am seriously on the liquid diet.  So for today’s […]

Blueberry Mango Smoothie

Hi Everyone, Guess what?  I’m not here today!  Today I am guest blogging at my friend Tara, at Noshing with the Nolands.  Tara and I go way back, she started blogging just about the same time I have.  We have worked together to figure out how all of the blog stuff works!  Tara is also […]

Good Morning Sunshine Smoothie

Hi Everyone! Welcome to Smoothie Monday!  Today I have a nice smoothie that is simply perfect for breakfast!  Normally I’ll have a little glass of orange juice with my breakfast, but I thought, hey, why no kick it up a notch and make it a fabulous, cheery smoothie that will make your taste buds dance?  So […]

Spicy Mango Guacamole

Hi Everyone, Today I teamed up with the Better Chip to share with you one of my favorite afternoon snacks, guacamole!  Oh how I love guacamole and boy does it pair perfectly with The Better Chip. The guacamole is creamy, slightly sweet from the chunks of fresh mango and a tad spicy from the jalapeno. […]

Skinny Mango Margarita

Happy Earth Day! Today I teamed up with Casa Noble Tequila from Santana to celebrate Earth Day!  What better way to celebrate a glorious day but with a fresh fruit and Casa Noble Crystal Tequila?  Today’s drink is a wonderful light, summery drink that will please any Mango lover out there. Let me introduce to […]

Strawberry, Mango and Cream Smoothie

Hi Everyone, Today is Smoothie Tuesday, after all I couldn’t go a week without a smoothie.  But before I get to my smoothie, I have a little Samuel story for you.  You know that wonderful feeling of freshly washed sheets?  Nothing like getting into a bed with fresh smelling sheets that are crisp and perfect. […]

Tropical Green Monster Debloating Smoothie

Hey, hey, hey! Hi Everyone!!!  I am back today with another green monster smoothie that will give you so much energy and make you feel amazing!!!!  Today I am sharing with you my Tropical Green Monster Debloating Smoothie.  Yes, I have to share another debloating smoothie because this past weekend I was BAD!!!!  BAD, BAD, […]

The Superman Smoothie

Hi Everyone, Happy Monday Smoothie!  Well it’s that time of year where the weather is all over the place.  One day its warm, the next day it’s cold and our bodies don’t know what way is up!  That’s why I created today’s smoothie, The Superman! This smoothie will fight off all germs, sickness and colds […]