Everything You Need to Know About Storing Fruits & Vegetables

Hi Everyone, Farmer’s Market season is officially here.  I have been to the Farmer’s Market a few times already this year.  I thought this would be the perfect time to share with you how to store your fruits and vegetables.  If your like me, you tend to wonder, how do I store that?  Some may […]

Vegetable and Herb Gardening 101

Hi Everyone, It’s finally warm and beautiful out here in Northern, CA.  This weekend I started on my vegetable garden.  I am no expert when it comes to gardening, but I have to admit when it comes to vegetable gardens I tend to have a green thumb.  I thought today I would share with you […]

Freezing Lemon Zest and Juice

Hi Everyone, Today I am sharing with you a “How To” post.  My boss has 3 lemon trees in his yard and I will tell you, each tree gives a different kind of lemon.  The one tree has tiny lemons, I swear they are Meyer Lemons, but he said nope.  The other tree is traditional […]

Caring and Storing for Peppers 101

Hi Everyone, As you know I have been growing a variety of peppers in my garden.  They are doing amazingly.  I am growing, Chili Peppers (aka Anaheim Peppers), Poblano Peppers, Serranos and of course Jalapeno Peppers.  Now the question is how do I care for them?  How do I get more peppers from my plant? […]

How to Cook Whole Grains

Hi Everyone, A frequent question that I get from friends and family is how long do I cook whole grains?  It can be from rice to barley to quinoa.  Sometimes I even have to ask myself that question too!   Grains overcooked or under cooked are not good!  Yuck!  One of the biggest questions that […]

Quick Easy Way to Make Corn on the Cob

Howdy Folks, This Saturday was a nice day, I did my normal routine by going to the Farmers Market in the morning.   I’d show you pictures of what I got, but it’s the same as last week with an addition of 10 pounds of oranges.  I have no clue on what I am going to do […]