Yum Yum Wednesday – Grilled Cheese Buffalo Chicken

Hi Everyone,   Today I am sharing with you my all time favorite chicken dish when I am craving some heat.  Not only is this my favorite, but it is also my most viewed recipe this year.  It’s super easy to make, loaded with flavor, low-calorie and mighty good.  If you love chicken wings, you […]

Yum Yum Wednesday – Buffalo Chicken Mac & Cheese

Hi Everyone, Normally on Yum Yum Wednesday I re-post a recipe that I made in the past.  But since it is Yum Yum Wednesday, I thought instead that I would share with you a new product that I found and share with you a recipe that I made with it and let me tell, it […]

Grilled Cheesy Buffalo Chicken

Hi Everyone, Man oh man, I couldn’t wait for dinner tonight!  I was driving to work and for some odd reason at 5:30am I’m thinking I want Buffalo Chicken for dinner.  After work I rushed to Trader Joe’s and picked up my chicken and I just couldn’t wait to start making dinner.  This is one […]

Buffalo Chicken Potstickers #SundaySupper

Hi Everyone, Today for #SundaySupper we had to make something that we would enjoy for the big football game.  Well for me, my favorite, favorite thing to have on Super Bowl Sunday is Buffalo Chicken anything!  Back in the day when I lived in Buffalo, it would have been chicken wings and last year it […]

International Hot & Spicy Day

Hi Everyone, When I found out today was International Hot & Spicy Day I just had to post all of my favorite healthy, spicy recipes.   After all one of my favorite kind of food is hot and spicy!!  Actually I think it’s my favorite!  My Husband always asks, what is your stomach made of? […]

Buffalo Shredded Chicken Burger – SRC

Hi Everyone, How are you on this lovely Monday?  Not to rub it in, but I have off today!  he he  I just got back yesterday from my trip from Vegas and since we drove, I am sure we will be in pretty late, so I took the day off to recoup.  I’ll fill you […]

Buffalo Chicken Panini Sandwich

Hello! This past Sunday it was fend for yourself night since my Husband didn’t want any dinner.  I made the mistake of making him bacon, eggs and toast for breakfast and it filled him all day.  Yah, I know what your thinking, how can he not be hungry?  The thing I didn’t tell you is […]

Buffalo Chicken Wing Dip

Hi Everyone, I am just baking away today!!!  With all of these sweets breads and other goodies, I was in some serious need of some savory food that was healthy, guilt-free and tasty!!  I showed you a few weeks ago my Artichoke and Jalapeno Ranch Dip that I loved so much that I made it […]

Buffalo Chicken Soup

Hi Everyone, Today is National Sandwich day, but I don’t have a sandwich for you, but I have something that can go with a sandwich! This my friends is a recipe that is near dear to my heart!  Buffalo Chicken Soup!!  I LOVE it!  I am a HUGE, HUGE fan of hot sauce and this […]

Man vs Woman – Buffalo Chicken Meatball Round

Hi everyone and Happy Saturday, I have to tell you today I had the worse commute ever.  I travel 25 miles everyday at 5:15am to go to work.  This morning they had the freeway down to one lane and it is was just horrible.  It took me over an hour to get to work.  Just […]