Graveyard Cupcakes #SundaySupper

Hi Everyone, I am Getting ready for Halloween.  I have a fabulous, easy cupcake recipe for you that will please kids and adults of all ages.  They are my ohhhh so scary Graveyard Cupcakes.  Okay, I don’t think they are scary, but kind of cute.  I’ll let you be the judge.  Check out these cuties. […]

Halloween Round Up

Hi Everyone! I can’t believe that next week is Halloween already.  Time goes so quick.  My hair dresser actually said to me, have a nice Thanksgiving.  Really?  It just seems too soon and I am not ready.  But one thing I am ready for is Halloween goodies.  I thought I would share with you today […]

Mashed Potato Grave #SundaySupper

Hi Everyone, Today #SundaySupper teamed up with Idaho® potatoes to share with you fun and scary Halloween recipes made with Idaho® potatoes. Well I will admit, this was a tough task for me. I spent weeks thinking of what I could make. My thought was to make mashed potato brains, but my co-workers said make mashed […]

Peanut Butter Candy Corn Cookies

Hi Everyone! Happy Sunday to you!  Today I have a special treat just for you and well, my belly too!  I made one of the ultimate peanut butter cookies ever!  You have sweet, chewy, soft all rolled into one cookie.  Not to mention these are the perfect Fall Peanut Butter Cookie because they are made […]

Candy Corn Pudding Cups

Hi Everyone, Today has been such a crazy day!  I went to Home Depot on Saturday with my Husband and as he was looking around for lights for his garage, I decided to look at paint, just because I was bored.  Next thing you know I bought a gallon of a light green paint and […]

What I Learned from a Cupcake

Hello and Happy November! I can’t believe I said November, boy time flys,Christmas is next month!  Eck! I am so not prepared for that holiday, but who is? Today was our work Halloween Party.  I must admit, I work with the oddest people, I guess thats why I fit in.  Everyone dressed up and we […]

Meringue Ghosts & Chocolate Covered Pretzels

Oh boy!  I spent my Sunday baking all day for a work Halloween Party!  I should of made healthy treats but I opt for sweets, since it is Halloween after all!  Questions:  Are you dressing up for Halloween?  Did you have any parties this weekend?  Fill me in on the gossip!! Ok,  I hope you […]

Candy Corn Sugar Cookies

Ok, want to talk cute?  Look at these. There like little Candy Corn Buttons!  I love them!!! I made two batches of these Cutties!  One Chocolate and one plain!  There tiny but ohhh, sooooo good!!  I figured I am watching calories, watching sugar, so I thought if I make these small I can have a […]

Halloween Rice Krispie Treats

Good morning and Happy Saturday! Any big plans for the weekend?  For me, it will be baking!  I have a work Halloween party on Monday, so I will be preparing for snacks and treats!  Plus OK goodies for home!  Do you have any Halloween parties this weekend?  Are you dressing up?  If so, what are you planning […]