Kicked Up Guacamole #createwithcrisp

Hi Everyone, I can not believe tomorrow is Christmas Eve!  I still haven’t finished my shopping.  I’m thinking it’s time to stock up on gift certificates.  How in the world has time gone so fast?  Everyone I know cannot believe how quickly Christmas snuck up on us this year.  Well today I am here to […]

Spicy Mango Guacamole

Hi Everyone, Today I teamed up with the Better Chip to share with you one of my favorite afternoon snacks, guacamole!  Oh how I love guacamole and boy does it pair perfectly with The Better Chip. The guacamole is creamy, slightly sweet from the chunks of fresh mango and a tad spicy from the jalapeno. […]

Skinny Lime Margarita with a side of Margarita Lime Guacamole

Hi Everyone! Happy Sunday to you!  Today we have  a big day!  FOOTBALL!!!!!!!!!   San Francisco against our rivals, Seattle, Go Niner’s!!!  Plus since it is a football day and tomorrow is National Guacamole Day, why not celebrate it on the best day of the week to eat finger foods, Sunday?  So today is going […]

Lightened Up Guacamole

Hi Everyone, One thing I have fallen in love with this past year is avocados.  I love them!  I put them on everything!  But, the one thing I don’t care for is the calories they have.  I can so easily eat a half an avocado, but it’s like a bazillion calories, so I have to […]

Portion Control 6 Layer Taco Dip

Hi Everyone, I feel great today! Things are back to normal. Working late hours throws off my whole schedule, but now I am back to my regular routine! For the past couple of days, we had dinner and lunches out and I am so happy to be home and make my own dinner. Funny how […]

Guacamole with a kick

Hi Everyone, The past couple of days have been tiring!  I have worked 12 hour days, so I apologize for not commenting, but I promise to try to get to everyone’s comments.  I want you to know how much I appreciate them and I do read them all! Today’s recipe makes me so happy because I was […]