Malted Mocha Ice Coffee

Hi Everyone, The first thing I must say is OMG!!!!  Yes OMG!!!!  Today’s recipe is totally OMG!  Well at least for me it is!!  Today’s recipe was unplanned, and then I saw something in my pantry that I did not buy, but yet it appeared there!  Darn that Little Jenny!!!  She brought in my home, […]

S’more Frappe

Don’t Judge me…. Your judging me, aren’t you?  Well you have every right to be.  I have officially made a S’more frappe and I liked it!  No cross that, I loved it!!  I had a jar of Marshmallow Fluff that I couldn’t get it out of my mind.  I knew that white fluffy goodness was waiting for me, […]

Strawberry Lemonade Frappe

Hi Everyone, Today I have for a refreshing summer drink that is so tasty, low-calorie and completely guilt-free, not to mention a snap to whip together. This is my Strawberry Lemonade Frappe.  The other day my friend and I went to Starbucks and she ordered off the secret menu the Strawberry Lemonade Frappe and she gave me a sip. […]

Chocolate Mocha Mudslide Frappe

Hey, Hey Friends! How’s your week going so far?  Can’t complain here!  Especially since I have a new coffee drink to share with you!!  Let my get right down to it and introduce to you my healthy Chocolate Mocha Mudslide Frappe. This is my healthy version of a traditional mudslide drink that would contain Bailey’s […]

Weekly Recap

Hi Everyone, Today is my last day in Vegas, even though I am writing this in advance, I know I will be leaving Vegas a millionaire!  lol  Ok, I’ll be happy if I break even, ok, I’ll be happy if I come home with enough money to pay for parking!  But whether I win or […]

Skinny Strawberry Mocha Frappe

Hi Everyone, Yah it’s Friday and I’m in Vegas!  Lots of good things going on!  I will tell you all about my trip when I get home.  But I have a recipe for you today that will make anyone fall in love with you.  Ok, maybe not everyone, but maybe me?  I created the PBandP […]

Chocolate Cherry Jubilee Frappe

Howdy!! Ohhhh do I have a sweet treat for you!!  I have been on a mission, trying out different types and wondering what would you like?  Hmmm, add this, add that take this out and ohhh, add that!!!  So I did it, I came up with a tasty treat that won’t hurt your waistline.   […]

Readers Choice, Top 10 Recipes for 2012

Hi Everyone, Happy New Years Eve! Today I thought I would give you the top 10 recipes of 2012 chosen by you.  It’s pretty cool that I get to do this because I just hit my one year in September.  I have to say, I am shocked to find that only two food recipes make my top […]

Skinny Eggnog Latte and Frappe

Hi Everyone and Happy Black Friday! As you read this, I will be running around Walnut Creek looking for fun Christmas presents for my Friends, Family and me!  he he  Since Thanksgiving is over, I think it’s the official beginning of the holiday season!  So to kick off the holiday season I have a drink for you!! I totally had […]

Skinny Peppermint Mocha Frappe and Latte

It’s official   I have been bitten by the red cup!!  The red cup drove me in, and now I want more, more I tell yah!  But can I afford the calories?  Can I afford the cash?  The answer is no!  So what is a girl to do?  Well, make your own silly!!! Oh Peppermint Mocha Frappe, […]