Vegetable Dill Dip / Giveaway #createwithcrisp

Hi Everyone, I can not believe Thanksgiving is on Thursday!  Where has the time gone?  Are you planning on having a dinner party?  If so, I have the perfect, easy dip to share with you, that you can share with your guests.  This is my Vegetable Dill Dip.  It’s creamy, full of dill and simply […]

Pumpkin Cheesecake Dip #SundaySupper

Hi Everyone, Today for #SundaySupper we are to make a lighten up dish for the holidays.  When I think of lightening up the holidays, besides vegetable dishes I think of dessert.  One of my favorite desserts to have on Thanksgiving is pumpkin cheesecake. Oh man I could just eat and eat it!  So today I thought I […]

Arugula Pesto

Hi Everyone! Today was refrigerator clean out day!  You know the day when you realize that you just let a ton of vegetables go bad and to add to the waste of food, you have to clean the mess that it left in the refrigerator.  Yuck!  Well as I was cleaning out the fridge I saw […]

Spicy Mango Guacamole

Hi Everyone, Today I teamed up with the Better Chip to share with you one of my favorite afternoon snacks, guacamole!  Oh how I love guacamole and boy does it pair perfectly with The Better Chip. The guacamole is creamy, slightly sweet from the chunks of fresh mango and a tad spicy from the jalapeno. […]

Tomato and Basil Spread

Hi Everyone, Last week when I went to the Farmers Market I bought Tomato Basil spread from a vendor and I just fell in love with.  The only thing was it was either $7.00 or 3 for $5.00, plus I can only get it at the Farmers Market.  So I decided I would make the […]

Triple Threat Spicy Hummus

Hi Everyone, Today I have for a completely different kind of hummus.  I was looking to make something that packed a little bit of heat, had a smokey flavor and would go fan-tastic with pretzels.  So out came the spices and I added a little bit of this and a little bit of that and […]

Roasted Red Pepper Yogurt Dip

Hi Everyone, Have you ever tried those yogurt dips by OIKOS?  They are just so tasty, I love them!  However, I noticed the ingredients?  Most are not to bad, but it does contain sugar and I consume enough sugar, that I don’t want it in my dips, unless I am making a sweet dip.  So […]

Apple and Walnut Crab Dip #HolidayEntertaining

    Hi Everyone, Well it’s official!  The holidays are just about here!  It’s time to put on your party hats and start planning your holiday party.  I am here to help!!  I started a Holiday Entertaining Pintrest board to help you get ideas for table design, decorating and recipes.  I searched Pintrest and found […]

Apple Cinnamon Cream Cheese Dip / Giveaway #SpreadCheer

Hi Everyone, I am so excited for today’s recipe.  Not because, it’s um, tasty, but because there is a new alternative to cream cheese!  Woohoo!!!  Going dairy-free, one of the things I miss is making dips with cream cheese. I love cream cheese dips, and now I can still have it!  How awesome is that?  And […]

Maple Spiced Apple Butter

Howdy, This past weekend, as you may know I headed up to Apple Hill to pick apples, wander through the pumpkin patches and enjoy the Fall atmosphere.  Unfortunately it didn’t turn out as planned.  We had a late start on Sunday and when we got out there, there was a ton of traffic.  It took […]