Detox Water

Hi Everyone, Since yesterday I didn’t post for Yum Yum Wednesday I thought I would share with you today a recipe that is perfect for quenching that spring and summer thirst. This is my Detox Water. My Detox Water is not your traditional kind of water, it contains all of the components to make you […]

Detox Water

Hi Everyone! Today I have for you a super simple, good for you recipe that takes no time to make at all!  It’s my Detox Water.  Yes, I am sharing with you a water recipe.  Trust me, you will love this water, especially for those who don’t like to drink plain water. My Detox Water […]

Chipotle Sweet Potato Salad

Hi Everyone, How are you today!  I’m doing great!  I have a wonderful recipe for you, it’s a different spin to traditional potato salad.  The other day, I got some potatoes from the CSA and my Husband asked if could make him potato salad, you know the fatty kind, with a half a tub of full […]