Orange Chocolate Chip Cookies

Hi Everyone, Yup, today I am sharing with you another cookie recipe.  I told you, it is my every Sunday thing to do.  Sometimes I make a recipe I already posted and sometimes I like to change it up.  As you can tell, lately I changed it up.  Today I am sharing with you one […]

Dark Chocolate Wafer Toffee Cookies

Hi Everyone, As you can see I am on a toffee kick.  I had some left over and thought I would make one of my favorite cookies.  Dark Chocolate Wafer Cookies.  I have posted a recipe very similar a while back, but this one is a tad different.  I used dark chocolate melting wafers instead […]

Dark Chocolate Chip Chewy Cookies

Hi Everyone, One thing I love is a good chocolate chip cookie.  It is my all time favorite cookie and always brings back childhood memories of my Mom making them.  One thing about chocolate chip cookies is that all the recipes are pretty much the same with a few tiny modifications that can really change-up […]