Baked Brie with Cherries

Hi Everyone, How are you on this lovely Tuesday?  I’m just happy that it’s finally cooling off outside, which means I can bake again!  Woohoo!!  Speaking of baking I have a treat for you!! I made a fabulous baked Brie and topped it with my Cherry Quick Jam.  I got inspired to make this recipe from daelia’s […]

Cheese Its, Pecan Crisps and Dog Bones

Hello and Happy Christmas Eve! Wow!  Christmas Eve is here already!  I can’t believe it!  Any plans for this day?  For me, it’s wrapping up the gifts, taking inventory of what I have and making sure I didn’t forget anything or anyone.  Hopefully I didn’t forget anyone, otherwise I am heading to the store for […]

Pecan Crisps with Cranberries and Rosemary

Hello Folks, Well this week I’m trying to be good.  I had only 4 small cookies today, hey thats progress!  So this weekend, since my hand is always reaching for the cookie jar, I decided on filling it with something that is small, crunchy, a little sweet and a little savory. I saw this recipe […]