Yum Yum Wednesday Lightened Up Peach & Blueberry Cobbler, plus Reviews

Hi Everyone, Today for Yum Yum Wednesday I am flashing back to a recipe that I made July 2013 for Sunday Supper.  It’s one of my favorite summertime desserts and is perfect for using fresh peaches and blueberries that are readily available right now.  It’s my Lightened Up Peach and Blueberry Cobbler.  It’s light, juicy, […]

Lightened Up Peach and Blueberry Cobbler #SundaySupper

Hi Everyone, I am so excited for today’s recipe.  I made this two weeks ago, and patiently waited to share it with you.  Today for #SundaySupper we had to make a dish that we would use local ingredients or finds from the Farmers Market.  I am always at the Farmers Market so today’s mission was […]

Banana Berry Smoothie and Cherry Cobbler

Hello, Well as some of you know I went to the dentist today and had my root canal.  Ugh!  I don’t know what is worse, the 4 hours it took for the Novocaine to wear off or the actual root canal.  My mouth is so sore, he was pulling on my lips and everything, I think my […]

Apple and Cherry Fruit Crumble

Howdy Folks! This weekend I was in Reno and Lake Tahoe celebrating my wedding anniversary and during my long duration home I had a realization about me, that I needed to nip in the bud now before it’s to late!  But first about my trip!  Reno, well it’s Reno, if you ever been there you know […]