Buffalo Chicken Quesadillas

Hi Everyone, Now that football season is here, I can start making my favorite kind of finger foods to eat during the big game.  One thing I absolutely love is Buffalo Chicken Wings.  Mmmmm, one of my all time favorite indulgences.  Today I took my favorite little chicken wings and turned them into a quesadilla […]

International Hot & Spicy Day

Hi Everyone, When I found out today was International Hot & Spicy Day I just had to post all of my favorite healthy, spicy recipes.   After all one of my favorite kind of food is hot and spicy!!  Actually I think it’s my favorite!  My Husband always asks, what is your stomach made of? […]

Buffalo Chicken Panini Sandwich

Hello! This past Sunday it was fend for yourself night since my Husband didn’t want any dinner.  I made the mistake of making him bacon, eggs and toast for breakfast and it filled him all day.  Yah, I know what your thinking, how can he not be hungry?  The thing I didn’t tell you is […]