Pop-Up Brunch and Sweet Potato Pie Pancakes

Hi Everyone, Welcome to my last day in Baton Rouge.  It’s kind of sad for me that it’s over, but I saved the most unique, amazing tasting brunch for you!  But before we get to brunch, let me share with you one last stop that we had yesterday afternoon, which is Tin Roof Brewing Company. […]

Deviled Eggs & Others

Happy Easter! Today I thought I would touch on the topic on what to do with your leftover eggs.  Lots of things come to mind, egg salad, eat them plain and of course deviled eggs.  Now one thing you must know about me is I always like to change it up and look for the […]

Blueberry Lemon Muffins

Hi Everyone, It’s Sunday already, geez time goes fast!  A little to fast if you ask me.  As a kid you want time to fly so you can be an adult, then when you’re an adult you just want time to slow down a little so you can accomplish the things you want to.  Well today I […]

Lemon Bread

Hi Everyone, Made it through one more day!  I actually had a great Monday.  Nothing great happened, woke up, went to work, exercised, made dinner and blogged.  That’s my everyday, but the reason for a good day, you wonder?  New attitude!  I woke Sunday and decided to just be happy!  When you walk by people […]

Cranberry Orange Banana Bread

Happy New Years Everyone! Well today starts a new year, meaning new hopes, new goals and I know a better year then 2011.  Though I have to say 2011 wasn’t to bad of a year for me, after all I started my blog this fall and met so many nice people.  I wanted to say […]

Cranberry Orange Scones

Good morning, Nothing like waking up on a Sunday morning to the smell of fresh scones baking in the oven.  I was at Starbucks yesterday, I know your surprised, but they were giving out samples and one of the samples was there Cranberry Orange Scones.  Oh man they were good!  I knew I couldn’t have […]