Black Bean Brownies

Hi Everyone and Happy Friday!!! Do you have any plans for the weekend?  I’m pretty stoked that a Sprouts Farmers Market grocery store opened up about 25 miles from my home.  I went there the other day, just to check it out.  I loved the store.  The prices were pretty good and they had a […]

Spicy Black Bean Dip

I’m mad at you!!! You know who I am talking about!!!  You two, Rhasti2 and Sarah, who told me to buy this on my TJ’s page! The this is what happened within 2 days! Then I panicked because I was out and I couldn’t make it to the store!!!  Ahhhhhh!!!!  What do I do?  What? […]

Black Bean Enchiladas

Hello Peeps, Today is another Skinny Bitch Tuesday and today’s recipe is Spicy Black Bean Enchilada picked out by yours truly. This is the first time I made Black Bean Enchiladas and I was so excited for this recipe.  It was pretty simple to make and not that many ingredients.  However I wasn’t overly impressed with it. […]

Black Bean Burger, hit or miss you tell me

NOTE:  My post will go live on May 23rd at 10am.  Sorry for the delay!!  ~ Jennifer Hi Everyone, How are you!  I thought Monday would be a crappy day, but it didn’t turn out to bad.  Yah!!  Hmmm, so work went well, but dinner, hit or miss, not to sure, you tell me.  My […]

Mexican Black Bean Salad

Hi Everyone, What a beautiful day today.  It was sunny and in the mid 60’s.  My friend Andrea and I took a walk to the Farmers Market on our lunch.  There is something so peaceful about the Farmers Market.  There was music playing, free samples of fresh fruit and the vendors seemed like they were […]

Sweet Potato Black Bean Chili

Hi Everyone, I am in such a great mood!  I had a wonderful Fat Tuesday and let me tell you I feel fat, but full!  I started my day off with an e-mail from FoodBuzz, saying my Blueberry Lemon Pancakes made the top 9!  Woohoo!  I feel like I won the lottery!  That was a […]