BBQ Pork Wontons

Hi Everyone, You may have noticed I have had some major blog issues lately.  I am hoping that the problem will be fixed soon, so please bare with me during this transition.  It seems sometimes my recipes show up and other times it doesn’t.  If you need a recipe, just let me know.  I can […]

Grilled Chicken Wings with Sweet & Spicy Wing Sauce Man Vs Woman

Happy Friday!!!  🙂 Sometimes your Husband  does something really nice for you and in return you want to do something nice for him.  But what can a Woman do to show her way of thank you?  Yah, yah, what else could I do?  I know make Chicken Wings!! Yes my Husband deserved chicken wings, why? […]

Barbecue Chicken Salad

Hi Everyone, I have to say OMG!!!  If you’re a Barbecue Ranch Dressing fan, then you are going to love me!!  I made the most wonderful dressing for my salad that I swear I can eat by the spoonfuls!!!  This dressing is so darn good, it’s crazy!!!  It’s Greek Yogurt, Barbecue Sauce, Hidden Valley Ranch […]

Ranch Burgers

Hi and Happy Friday!!!! I can’t get over how fast time is going!!  Can you believe we are half way through September already?  I have said it before, I love the fall but I am so not ready for winter!  Ugh!!! Since it’s been pretty warm out here, I haven’t really done any baking, well except for […]

Pizza Burgers

Hi Everyone, Happy Thursday!  Almost to a holiday weekend!  Woohoo!!!  Since it’s the last big Summer BBQ, I thought I would share with you a spin on traditional burgers. This is my pizza burger!  It’s made with pizza sauce, some spices and love.  Ahhhh, aren’t I sweet?  I wasn’t sure how this burger was going to turn […]

Grilled Haricot Vert French Green Beans with Slivered Almonds

Hi Everyone, Woohoo!!!  It’s finally Friday!!  It’s been a long week and I am so happy the weekend is here.  What do you have planned for the weekend?  All I know is I want to hike and catch up on some food making for next week!!! Today’s recipe is part two of last nights Chicken […]

Potato Salad with Balsamic Dressing

Hello, Happy Wednesday to you!  Today I am bringing you a quick, easy and tasty potato salad that I made for my Boss’s barbecue last Saturday.  The pictures are not great but the flavor is! I made this salad before I went to work, it’s quick, easy and it is perfect for travel.  I decided to use […]

Taco Burgers

Hi Everyone and Happy Friday! Today I am so excited we have our work BBQ which mean I get to leave work early and go and chill with my feet in my boss’s pool and eat great food!!  What an awesome way to end a work week!!  This week has been pretty good!  I got […]

Italian Grilled Shrimp Kabob’s

Hi Everyone! Today my friend gave me the Charlean Extreme Workout set, I’m pretty psyched about using it.  I already did the first workout today and I’m already feeling it in my arms.  I love it! I’m hoping to tone up and lose a little muffin top before winter sets in and I have to start all […]

Grilled Zucchini Pizza

Hi Everyone, Half way through the week!  Woohoo!!  I can’t wait till Friday, we have our work Barbecue and then I am on vacation.  It’s going to be wonderful not having to go to work, sleep in and just have fun.  The only problem is I can’t believe it’s August already!  Where the heck did […]