Pistachio Cherry Ice Cream (Egg-less)
Prep time
Total time
An egg-less ice cream, made with coconut milk, cherries and pistachios.
Serves: approx. 4 cups (serves 8)
  • 1 cup heaving whipping cream (I used Trader Joe's 45 calories tbsp.)
  • 2 cups Unsweetened coconut milk (in a carton)
  • 1 cup sugar or 1½ cup Nunaturals Presweet Tagatose
  • 1 tsp. almond extract
  • 1 cup cherries, pitted cut into quarters
  • ½ cup pistachio, ground
  1. In a bowl, add whipping cream, coconut milk, sugar, and almond extract; mix until thoroughly combined. Stir in cherries and nuts.
  2. Add mixture in a freezer safe shallow bowl. Place in freezer for 45 minutes. Take out of the freezer and vigorously whip it. Place it back in the freezer. Continue to do this every 30 minutes, until the ice cream is the constancy you like. Will take anywhere from 1½ - 3 hours. If you use a deep container, it will take up to 6 hours and possibly over night.
Calories per ½ cup: 203, Fat: 13.8, Cholesterol: 40, Sodium: 177, Potassium: 40, Carbs: 35, Fiber: 1.1, Sugar: 3.1, Protein: 1.7
Nutrition Information
Serving size: ½ cup
Recipe by Peanut Butter and Peppers at http://www.peanutbutterandpeppers.com/2013/05/18/pistachio-cherry-ice-cream-egg-less-make-a-blog-icon-on-apple-device/