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Hi Everyone,

Today I teamed up with Applegate to give you some summer fun with all natural ingredients that taste out of this world.  One thing my family and I love to grill up in the summer is hot dogs.  Do you know what is a traditional hot dog?  Well, let’s just say not good stuff.  I will spare you the gross details.  Anyway, I feel great having hot dogs now because Applegate made an all natural hot dog with only 4 ingredient; 100% grass-fed beef (raised without antibiotics or hormones), water, salt, and spices.  You can’t beat that!!  Not only is it all natural, but it tastes mighty delish.  Each hot dog is plump, juicy and has that snap that all hot dogs should have.  You will truly be happy with these dogs.

Applegate Giveaway

So your probably thinking, what about all natural condiments?  We have you covered there too!  Applegate teamed up with Sir Kensington’s to bring us all natural ketchup and mustard.  You know what?  They taste amazing!  I love it!  Plus Sir Kensington is Non-GMO Project Verified.  So now we can grill up our summertime favorites without feeling guilty.

You know what my favorite hot dog topping is?  Ketchup, mustard and peppercini’s.  You know I have to add my peppers.  🙂

Applegate Giveaway

So I have to ask, who does the grilling in your family?  I have to admit I do!!!!  I take my time, cook low and just watch my food cook.  My Husband tends to cook fast, long and tends to over-cooks things.  So today we are what we calling it “Girls Who Grill“.  My giveaway caters to the girl griller, but of course men can enter the giveaway too, after all they may want to eat these delicious, all natural hot dogs!  Oh yeah!!!

Applegate Giveaway

Want to hear something funny?  When I work with Applegate they always give me a red bandanna to wear in my hair.  Well as soon as my dog, Sampson, sees it, he must wear it.  He’s been wearing Applegate bandanna’s for well over a year.  I have a pic on Instagram of him wearing it.  Just take in mind he hates having his picture taken.  As soon as the camera comes out, he runs.  He’s a weirdo!

AppleGate All Natural Hot Dogs Giveaway

Ready for the giveaway?

This is what you get:

  •  Applegate Natural Beef Hot Dogs (now made with 100% grass-fed beef)
  • Sir Kensington’s Ketchup and Mustard
  • Vermont Bread Company Natural Buns
  • Applegate Cooler Bag
  •  Applegate “You Grill, Girl” Apron
  • Applegate Grilling Mitt
  • Meat Thermometer
  • Applegate Bandanas & hair accessory tutorial
  • Applegate Hot Dog Boats


Isn’t that a great giveaway?  It’s really a lot of fun!  There is something for everyone in the giveaway!

To win all you have to do is tell me:  What are your favorite hot dog toppings?

Optional:  I would love if you would tweet the giveaway (just copy and paste into twitter):

Summertime Grilling Giveaway    

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This is a sponsored post.  I was given product in order to review Applgates products.  All opinions are my own.


  1. http://Jeffrey says

    I’m gonna be honest and say I really don’t like hot dogs but my kids eat them like there’s no tomorrow. My youngest goes with just ketchup and the oldest reaches for the ketchup and mustard. My wife also enjoys hot dogs and goes with the works…Ketchup, mustard, chili sauce, onions and cheese.

  2. http://Jeffrey says
  3. http://Marissa says

    Kraut and ketchup 🙂

  4. http://Lisa%20Jense says

    My favorite hot dog toppings onions, cheese, and (gasp!) ketchup 😉

  5. http://Lisa says

    I have to admit I like my hot dogs naked; nothing on them.

  6. http://steph says

    Mustard onions and pickles

  7. http://Krys%20W says

    My favorite toppings for a hotdog is brown mustard w/ sweet relish, onions, tomatoes. Delish! Thank you for sharing this giveaway.

  8. http://Renee%20S says

    I love diced tomatoes and avocados!

  9. http://Mary%20StClair says

    I do all the grilling in my house too! I grill all year long in almost any weather too. Love a good hot dog in the summer – spicy mustard, relish (dill or sweet), ketchup…mmmmmm!!!

  10. http://Rebecca%20Ramsden says

    I love spicy brown mustard only on my hot dogs.

  11. http://Beth%20Brown says

    I love a lot of toppings on my hotdogs – mustard, onions, pickle relish, chili and slaw (I have to eat it with a fork!)

  12. http://Elisabeth%20S says

    I like my hot dogs charred, with just a smidge of ketchup and some hot sauce!

  13. http://Tiffany%20A says

    My go to hot dog toppings are mustard, ketchup, onions and relish.

  14. I like dijon mustard with sweet pickle relish on my hotdog!

  15. http://Marsha says

    My favorite hot dog topping is Vivi’s Carnival Mustard

  16. http://Alison says

    I like my hot dogs with onion, relish, mustard & ketchup on top!

  17. http://Alison says
  18. While I’ll sometimes dress them up with chili and cheese, I’m mainly a ketchup and mustard kind of gal.

  19. http://Rose says

    Plain and simple, there’s nothing I like better on my dog than mustard with dill relish. YUM!

  20. http://Jan%20R says

    I like onions, mustard, ketchup dipped in melted salsa cheese.

  21. http://Sandy says

    Chili, cheese, mustard and onions. Otherwise, just give me the mustard.

  22. http://auntiepatch69 says

    Mayo & kraut –

  23. http://auntiepatch69 says
  24. http://David says

    My favorite hot dog toppings vary from day to day. You can’t go wrong with chili and cheese, but I also like them with mayo and relish or mustard and relish.

  25. I like a combination of mustard and relish, sometimes with a bit of chopped fresh onion

  26. http://David says
  27. http://Kelli says

    My favorite toppings are yellow mustard & cold sauerkraut.

  28. http://Dandi%20D says

    I like ketchup, mustard, pickles and cheese on mine.

  29. http://Dandi%20D says
  30. sweet relish and chili

  31. I am a chili and cheese kind of girl

  32. http://Angela%20Marimpietri says

    I love sauerkraut and yellow mustard

  33. http://Christine%20P%20~%20teenoviedo says

    I love the NY style grilled onions along with relish, mustard, ketchup and onions. Followed you on FB, twitter and Pinterest!

  34. http://Starla%20B says

    Those look delicious and how wonderful that they are humanely raised.. thats such a huge factor these days. My favorite toppings are simple; ketchup, mustard and fresh onion! Yum!

  35. http://Starla%20B says
  36. http://Alicia%20Boarts says

    I love mustard and onions. I have always wanted to try the Venezuelan style, with ketchup, mayo, crushed potato chips, mustard,onions, and cabbage. Sounds weird but in a yummy way

  37. http://Mary says

    I love love hot dogs, I like a good Chicago style hot dog. mustard ,onions, relish

  38. I love grilled onions and honey mustard on mine mm mm

  39. Since I am single I do the grilling in my house, but my Mother makes the best hot mustard slaw, and we love it on our hot dogs. I also like the fact the hot dogs have no nitrates or nitrites. Much better for you.

  40. I love mustard, ketchup, and sauerkraut on my hotdog
    [email protected]

  41. http://Andrea%20D. says

    I love chili and cheese on my hotdogs.

  42. http://Melissa%20C. says

    Spicy BBQ sauce and onions

  43. http://Taylor says

    I go with the classics: ketchup and mustard 🙂

  44. http://Karen says

    I love hear hot dogs and get them often to have when I don’t have the energy to cook. I slice fresh tomatoeson mine

  45. http://mummytotwoboys says

    I really like mustard, ketchup and relish

  46. http://mummytotwoboys says
  47. I just like mustard and ketchup!

  48. I like just mustard and onions on my hot dogs!

  49. Tweeted
    Summertime Grilling Giveaway @JenatPBandP @Applegate @sirkensingtons #whatsinyourhotdog #girlswhogrill

  50. http://susitravl says

    I like chili and cheese on my hot dogs.

  51. http://Georgia says

    I like relish and tomatoes! Yummy!

  52. http://Carol says

    I loveee cooking hot f dogs on the grill with some barbecue sauce, but a second favorite of mine is topping the dogs with chili and shredded cheese. Yumm.

  53. http://Lauren says

    I like mustard and ketchup.

  54. http://Dee says

    My 7 year old LOVES hot dogs. He would eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner, if we would let him. He makes them for his papa and great grandma. He puts Ketchup, Mayonnaise and Mustard on them. Once in a while he adds a little relish. He tells everyone it’s his special recipe. 🙂

    Tweeted: @DevosWife 10m10 minutes ago
    @JenatPBandP @Applegate @sirkensingtons #whatsinyourhotdog #girlswhogrill

  55. http://Kari%20F says

    I have 2 different favorites:
    1 – just plain yellow mustard
    2 – cream cheese and grilled onions

  56. http://Brenda%20Haines says

    Caramelized sweet onions, avocado and crumbled bacon. I hosted parties with a hotdog bar a time or two lol. Thanks for the chance! 🙂

  57. http://Marla says

    Mustard and relish or shredded cheddar cheese.

  58. http://dlatany says

    I like onions

  59. http://dlatany says
  60. http://Vero%20M says

    Love it with some heat!! I add chili and cheese and tons of jalapeno!

  61. http://Vero%20M says
  62. http://janetfaye says

    I like relish, catchup and mustard on hot dogs.

    janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

  63. http://janetfaye says
  64. My favorite toppings are onions and relish.
    [email protected]

  65. http://Dawn%20Monroe says

    My favorite is cheese and onions.

  66. http://beth says

    I like pickles on mine.

  67. http://Penny%20C says

    stadium mustard

  68. http://Allie says

    Don’t know if this is still open, but I like mustard, cheese and relish. I recently pickled some red onions and they’re great on hotdogs, too!

  69. Ketchup, mustard and onions

  70. http://Kristen says

    I like simply mustard and relish. (sometimes also grilled onions & peppers)

  71. http://Dawn%20Monroe says
  72. http://Alice%20Westbrook says

    Love hotdogs with mustard, onions, and crushed red peppers.

  73. Celery salt and ketchup!

  74. http://Margot%20C says

    This is over i am sure, but just a note that I LOVE that Sir Kensington ketchup!

  75. http://Lauren%20Graham says

    Sauerkraut, drained, with caramelised apples and onions and a small dash of homemade Dijon…

  76. My favorite hot dog toppings are mustard, chili and coleslaw. Thanks for the giveaway!