Blog Birthday & Giveaway

Hi Everyone,

Yesterday was my 3 year blog birthday. When I looked at the calendar I can’t believe I missed my special day. Life has been so crazy between my day job and my blogging. After 3 years of blogging I have only missed 2 posts. That means I posted 1093 posts and most of that is recipes. Oh my gosh, crazy! People ask me, how do you do it? My first thought is I don’t know? But my second thought is, if you love what you do, and you have fun at it, its worth the efforts.

Normally for my blog birthday I post a recipe for pancakes. Yes pancakes! It’s because my very post was of Whole Wheat Yogurt Pancakes, then at one year it was My Whole Wheat Apple Yogurt Pancake Cake and last year it was my Maple Bacon Whole Wheat Pancakes. This year I had a recipe in mind, which I still plan to make, but never got around to it.  You told me, my friends told me and my family told me, that I need to take a little bit of a break.  I tend to get a little overwhelmed.  So today I am taking a break.  I think that is the best blog birthday gift I can get.

I will tell you one thing, THANK YOU!!!!  If it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t be doing this.  I wouldn’t be experiencing all of the wonderful opportunities that I have been given.  I am truly blessed.  I never in my life thought I would enjoy something so much as I do for cooking.  Creating recipes has been a great outlet for me.  Not only do I get to show off my creative side, but I have been given so many smiles by sharing my recipes with you, friends and family.

I’m going to keep this short and sweet.  So in celebration of my blog birthday, I am going to giveaway a $100 gift certificate for Red Stick Spice Company.  Red Stick Spice Company is a company that I went to on my trip to Baton Rouge.  They have a bazillion spices, extracts, olive oil, vinegar’s, salt and more.  Trust me you will have fun shopping!  I went bonkers when I went to the store.  I bought every pepper spice they had, but trust me they have every kind you can dream of.

Red Stick Spice Co
Here is just a little picture of my basket. See all of the pepper spices I bought. he he
Red Stick Spice Co
For the $100 Red Stick Spice Company Gift Certificate GIVEAWAY you can just leave a comment to whatever you want. Tell me about your favorite recipe, or tell me your favorite spice. Just tell me what you want, I’m leaving it up to you.

Thank you again for making this happen! You Guys ROCK!!!  I owe it all to you!

Have a wonderful weekend!  Cheers!!




P.S.  This giveaway is all me, something that I want to give to you.


Susan says:


  1. I love chai and all the sweet warm spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom & vanilla

  2. ♪♫♩♬

  3. My comment was truncated

  4. I’ve discovered Za’atar and love it in Mediterranean dishes. Happy Birthday!

  5. I love all kinds of spices. I use spices in everything I cook and bake.

  6. Happy anniversary! Here’s to many more 🙂

  7. Katrina McDougald says

    I love ginger!! It can lift my mood, soothe my upset tummy and be used in savoury or sweet recipes.

  8. Congrats! I am a fan of all Indian spices: cumin, curry, coriander, ginger, garam masala. All my favorites!

  9. Margaret Crowley says

    Happy Blog birthday! May there be many more.

  10. I need a little spice in my life. <3

  11. I’d love this store! Love those that carry a wide selection of spices as there aren’t too many of them. Happy Birthday to your blog!!!

  12. Happy blog birthday! Enjoy your day off, you deserve it!

  13. Happy anniversary! My favorite spice has to be cinnamon!

  14. I love all the fall spices but that includes sage and thyme..this is a great time for a spice giveaway!

    my new favorite spice is herbs de provence

  16. Happy Blog Birthday!! It is really difficult to choose a favorite spice. My favorite is probably Korintje cinnamon, followed by coriander seed.

  17. Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Congratulations and thank you for sharing the birthday love! My favorite spice is Ginger!

  18. Congrats! Enjoy your day 🙂 Za’atar and anything spicy!!

  19. Thooba Samimi says

    I am from the Middle East so we use tons of spices in our food. As for me, I am a college student and I like experimenting! I make my own combination of spices like my mother. I love making lentils spiced with jalapenos and chipotle chilies. I love using Buffalo spice because its a spice that has everything in it, so you don’t need to add any salt or other things. When it comes to spices, I am not picky! I would love a gift card!! Thanks Jennifer, I enjoy reading your blogs! Keep up the good work!

  20. I have always wanted to spices from a specialty store but have never bought any.

  21. Yayyyy HAPPY BLOG BIRTHDAY!!!!!

  22. As of now, my favorite spice is cinnamon because I can actually smell it. My allergies have my nose so congested it’s awful and I can’t smell most things until the snow comes, but this is something that somehow I can manage to smell. So I love when my mom makes baked apples with cinnamon and it smells up the whole kitchen.

  23. Happy Blog Birthday! My favorite dish to prepare is shrimp scampi. I just love shrimp and coming up with different ways to prepare it. Have a wonderful weekend.

  24. Happy Blog Birthday to one of my fave blogs on the internet! Love ya girl! Enjoy!

  25. Happy birthday! My favorite spice right now is sumac. Its tough to find good stuff, but man I love it on about everything. It has a citrusy vinegar flavor. I love it on mangos. yum yum

  26. Happy Blog Birthday!

  27. Happy Blog Birthday…….love the site…thanks for all the great recipes.
    I love all spices one that I recently tried and really like is Za’atar.

  28. Happy Blog Birthday!

  29. I love cumin it’s so smoky and warm in my dishes

  30. I love your Philly cheese steak recipe with the man vs woman ideas for it. I’ve been having such a hard trying to figure out recipes that I can make that my husband and boys will love but that I can enjoy too while trying to get to a healthy weight
    Thank you! PS Im just beginning to learn what a difference spices can make and i’d love a chance to try some new ones!

  31. I can’t pick just one spice so I will give you two. One is garam masala. I use it in everything. Even salad dressings but it is great in every single marinade. And I am also a HUGE fan of fresh ground pepper. It jazzes up EVERYTHING!

  32. Yay! Happy day! My favorite spice is cinnamon. I put it in my coffee beans, on cereal, in tea you name it. LOVE it!!

  33. Happy Blog Birthday!!! Love using spices to season as we are trying to cut out salt and processed prepared dinners, rice box mixes, etc.

  34. Deb Holtschlag says

    Happy Blog Birthday! I love your Banana Bread, BLT Salad, suggestions of purchase made at Trader Joe’s (I love that place!!) and all the ideas I get from reading your BLOG!

  35. Happy Blogiversary!! What’s life without a little spice?

  36. Garlic & cumin are my favorites.

  37. I love Fall and pumpkin and all the warm spices associated with the season. I have a pumpkin crumb cake recipe that I just found, and I’m dying to make it. Happy bloggy birthday.Cheers to many more! 🙂

  38. Love cinnamon the most!

  39. Happy Blog Anniversary! Pancakes are my favorite and I LOVE cinnamon!

  40. Congrats!! My 3 years is coming up too. Isn’t it so crazy how time flies?! I’m glad we are blogging buddies, I hope we get to meet one day soon 🙂

    I think my favorite spice might be garlic powder lol I love it

  41. Happy Anniversary! I think I would check out the baking spices they offer. thanks for the chance!

  42. Happy Blog Bday! I enjoy cinnamon for spice.

  43. Love your blog!

  44. Thanks for having a giveaway to celebrate YOUR blog birthday! I would love to get some real smoked paprika.

  45. I use copious amounts of cinnamon daily

  46. I’m a cinnamon lover for sure!!

  47. Cinnamon is great and happy bday!

  48. Happy Blog Birthday! Hope you had a relaxing day! Thanks again for great recipes and their nutritional info!

  49. Happy Birthday!
    I love fall spices

  50. My favorite spice is cinnamon, I even sprinkle some in my turkey chili!

  51. Cinnamon is my favorite spice.

  52. i have yet to meet a spice i don’t enjoy! love to mix up for gifts, and add something extra. hope that you enjoyed your rest. happy blog birthday!

  53. Wow! They have a lot of stuff! I like veggie curry recipes and my favorite curry is garam masala.

  54. I like jambalaya, so the jambalaya spice would be great

  55. I love adding cinnamon to just about everything!!

  56. My favorite recipe is the Grilled Cheesy Buffalo Chicken. You found the perfect way to combine my 3 loves in life — chicken, cheese, and hot sauce. Thanks for all the great recipes!

  57. Love crazy spice blends and all sorts of baking spices (Hello, cinnamon!). Congrats on your blogging anniversary!

  58. My favorite spice is Cayenne Pepper!

  59. You are so sweet to offer this! My favorite spice is nutmeg. Smelling it makes me smile because I’m reminded of Thanksgiving and Christmas!

  60. My favorite spice is cinnamon and I use it in just about everything!

  61. Yay on the blog birthday : ) I am all about Cinnamon, especially this time of the year!

  62. I love spices but especially cinnamon!

  63. i really love cinnamon and cardamom!

  64. My favorite are baking spices – nutmeg, cinnamon, clove, allspice, cardamom, etc.

  65. I love spice stores and finding new spices; like what on earth is a Balinese Long Pepper? I feel now that I must have it. I make lots of curries.


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