Yum Yum Wednesday – #Wienervention

Hi Everyone,

Happy National Hot Dog Day!!   Today I have a fun post for you, well probably more fun for me since I got to eat this yumminess!  🙂  I teamed up with Applegate to share with you the Cleaner Wieners, a #Wienervention.  Your probably thinking what are you talking about?  Well don’t you like to eat a cleaner wieners?  I know I do!  So today’s post is all about eating  all natural, non-processed hot dogs!  Everything is natural, healthy and delicious!  Sounds good doesn’t it?
Wienervention - Applegate All Natural Hot Dogs

Well I made myself a hot dog with Applegates All Natural Beef Hot Dogs. Applegate Hot Dogs contain only beef, water, salt & spices and the meat comes from animals that are humanely raised without antibiotics and hormones, which is why they taste so good! I love the hot dogs because you can taste the beef. They have a nice snap to them too!! Plus they are only 70 calories each! Score!!

Applegate Natural Hot Dogs
I topped my dog with Annie’s Organic Ketchup, which tastes just like ketchup. I have always been a fan of Annie’s and their ketchup is simply delicious! However, I recently found out that in Chicago, they don’t believe in ketchup on hot dogs! I think that is crazy! Love ketchup on my dogs!!
Annies All Natural Ketchup
I also used Annie’s All Natural Organic Mustard which is simply marvelous! It has a slight kick of spice and is the perfect match for Annie’s ketchup.
Annie's All Natural Organic Ketchup
Honestly not a fan of relish on my hot dogs but my Husband is and he fell in love with Rick’s Picks Relish. He loved that it had a nice dill flavor!
Wienervention - Applegate All Natural Hot Dogs c
Here’s a picture of Ricks’s Picks Relish.
Ricks Picks Relish with Dill
I served my hot dogs on Rudi’s Soft Organic White Hot Dog Rolls. They are sturdy enough to hold a lot of ingredients, if your one who likes to pile your dogs high with ingredients.
Rudis Orgainic Hot Dog Rolls
Rudi’s also makes a Multigrain Hot Dog Roll, but I didn’t get a chance to try it, maybe later this week! I am looking forward to more hot dogs! I don’t know if you know this, but hot dogs are a staple in our house. They are quick, easy and everyone loves them. I am happy to share a Cleaner Wiener with my family!!
Rudis Orgainic Multigrain Hot Dog Rolls
So when you’re celebrating this glorious day, I highly recommend all of these ingredients and I really love Applegates All Natural Hot Dogs! So yummy and delicious! I have to tell you my favorite way to have hot dogs is with ketchup, mustard and jalapeno’s. I used my pickled jalapeno’s that I made a couple of weeks ago! I think I can put jalapenos on just about anything! 🙂
Wienervention - Applegate All Natural Hot Dogs
Be sure to get your grills heated up and pop on some all natural hot dogs! I can guarantee we will be having hot dogs at least twice this week! No complaints here! We love our dogs!!!

Have a fabulous day!


Wienervention - Applegate All Natural Hot Dogs
This was a sponsored post by Applegate Organic & Natural Meats. I was not paid for this post, I was given product. My opinions are my own.


  1. I love Applegate hot dogs.They are the only ones I eat.

  2. Jennifer Essad says

    I would love to share this prize pack during our back to school bbq we have every year w/family and friends – thanks for a chance

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