Detox Water

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Since yesterday I didn’t post for Yum Yum Wednesday I thought I would share with you today a recipe that is perfect for quenching that spring and summer thirst. This is my Detox Water. My Detox Water is not your traditional kind of water, it contains all of the components to make you feel good. It cleans out your kidneys, helps with bloating, it’s great for the skin and helps detoxify any bad germies in your system. As a plus for me it works great to help with your digestive system. It’s made with fresh cucumber, lemon slices, lime slices, grapefruit slices, fresh sliced ginger and fresh mint leaves.  You can get the recipe here.  

Detox Water

Well Guys, it’s been a busy crazy week for me and hope it relaxes soon! But next week may be even worse. I went to the dentist on Monday and I was informed that they are taking 2 wisdom teeth out next Tuesday. So I may be out of commission for a couple of days. Don’t worry I’ll get some recipes posted, but I may not be able to reply with questions. Honestly I’m a little afraid since they are knocking me out. Not fun!

I hope you have a super great day!



Here is the recipe for detox water again.
Detox Water


  1. Wisdom teeth are a walk in the park. You don’t feel a thing after you wake up. I had mine pulled out the same time I had my upper jaw moved forward and I didn’t feel any pain at all–and please note that I’m the biggest baby when it comes to any type of pain. And the fact that you’ll be knocked out makes it even better.

  2. MMMmmm… I LOVE infused water. I will definitely have to try this one! Since I have kidney issues… Good luck with your teeth. I had all four done the same day. I don’t recommend that. I had two that were impacted, though. I won’t go into details. It wasn’t fun! Hugs and prayers! xo

  3. I think I’d drink more water if there was a pitcher of this in the fridg – so pretty and refreshing!

  4. best wishes for the wisdom teeth remember you will drool so use an old pillow case.2. sit up as much as poss less swelling ice 20 minutes off 20 min on.3. nothing with seeds for about 8 weeks give or take until the holes start closing up. If you experience extreme pain after 3 or 4 days call the dr back you may have a dry socket. after a couple of days you can rinse with warm salt water after each meal gently did I say Gently !!! like go back and forth no swishing and let water fall out of your mouth. food no hot stuff for at least two days and mushy food is great bc of your jaw might be sore .Love your web site was looking for mint mocha coffee .and and noticed your post . thank you

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