Grilled Cheesy Buffalo Chicken

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Man oh man, I couldn’t wait for dinner tonight!  I was driving to work and for some odd reason at 5:30am I’m thinking I want Buffalo Chicken for dinner.  After work I rushed to Trader Joe’s and picked up my chicken and I just couldn’t wait to start making dinner.  This is one heck of a good dinner that I simply LOVE!  As you know I am a huge Buffalo chicken fan, especially since I am from Buffalo and boy do I miss those chicken wings, but you know what?  I liked today’s recipe better than good old chicken wings.  How could I not, its cheesy, spicy and perfect!!
Grilled Cheesy Buffalo Chicken
My Grilled Cheesy Buffalo Chicken is made with nothing better than Franks Hot Sauce, filled with cheesy, melting mozzarella cheese. It simply screams perfection in my eyes. I served it with a little side salad and purple potatoes. I keep getting purple potatoes in my CSA Box. My Husband thinks they are funny, but he just loves them. They taste just like regular potatoes. They are just odd in color. When I made my Skillet Roasted Chicken and served it with roasted potatoes, I thought they were red potatoes and when we sat down to dinner they were purple. lol
Grilled Cheesy Buffalo Chicken
To make this chicken it’s super easy!! I cut my chicken horizontally and just stuffed it with a little cheese, folded it over and it was ready for the sauce. To make the hot sauce, I melted some butter in the microwave, added Franks Hot Sauce and a pinch of celery salt. I brushed it on my chicken and on the grill it went. I know a lot of you can’t grill right now, but don’t let that stop you from having this wonderful dish. You can make it the same way, just by cooking it in the oven. Just heat your oven to 375 degrees, spray a baking dish with cooking spray, add the chicken and drizzle the hot sauce over the top. Place it in the oven for about 35 minutes and it will be done. That was how I was originally going to make it, but with it being 77 degrees out, I just had to cook it on the grill. I love grilling season. Matter in fact this weekend it the opening of the Farmers Market! Yah!! I really think Spring is here! At least in California.
Grilled Cheesy Buffalo Chicken
Grilled Cheesy Buffalo Chicken
I think I am finally starting to get Spring Fever! I love this time of year! The flowers are blossoming, the sun is warm and best of all Spring produce. I can’t wait to see what I will be picking up at the Farmers Market this weekend!  he he

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Grilled Cheesy Buffalo Chicken

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  1. This recipe looks delicious! We grill all year round even though we live in the Chicago suburbs. Sounds crazy, I know, but it works, and it’s always good. So I love this dish, especially grilled. It looks tasty and healthy both. Thanks for sharing!

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  4. In the directions / recipe I do not see where you stuffed the chicken & melted the cheese. Did you do that at the end of the grilling? Can you elaborate? Thanks.

  5. have made this twice now but have used my Pampered Chef grill pan because the BBQ is hidden under a snowbank. Totally delicious and so, so easy. Would definitely serve this to company.

  6. I am making this now. I’m doing it in the oven so I am hoping it is just as good. It smells amazing! I make crockpot ranch buffalo chicken all tge time. It smells the same

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  8. Made this for my hubby and I tonight and it was awesome! I was told to put it in the ‘make again’ folder lol! Thanks for the recipe!

  9. Thanks for the super dinner idea! I took out chicken breasts this morning and have been wondering what to do with them ever since. Your idea is a life-saver. It’s too bad we just moved and the grill isn’t hooked up yet, but the oven works : )

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  12. I made this for lunch today and am having the other half for dinner!!! It was absolutely fantastic!! I had all the ingredients and it was quick and easy!!! Thank you so much!!!

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  14. So when you cut the chicken u don’t cut it completely on one side just kinda make a slit in it and stuff it or will it complety open up and then you fold it back into place ? If that makes since what I’m asking

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      • Ha… That’s funny! I am from Cali, never experienced snow till I married a canadian and now I am a snow queen! lol. I thought my hubby was crazy at first clearing the grill of snow and tredging out there, but I guess it’s normal. Anyway, this recipe, trying it tonight!! It looks amazing, I was jumping with excitement showing it to him and now he can’t wait either. And we bought Franks buffalo sauce @ costco, it’s big, so always looking for ways to use it up. Thank you!

  17. This looks yummy.. im going to try some blue cheese in with the moz cheese after all nothing better then hot sauce chicken and blue cheese…

  18. OMG this is A-MAZING. Made this tonight and had to do it in the oven as my grill has 6 feet of snow on top of it. I doubled the sauce part and cooked up some brown rice. The extra sauce mixed with the rice and then the chicken over the top was fantastic. Tooth picks worked and for the cheese that made its way out I just scooped it out of the pan. Heavenly!!!

  19. How do you keep all the yummy cheese from spilling out all over the grill as the chicken is cooking? Doesn’t the Buffalo sauce burn and drip off completely while cooking? Looks and sounds delicious (we love hot wings done the actual Buffalo way with Franks and butter). But I am a little skeptical about the method. I guess I will just have to try it to find out.

  20. I tried this tonight and I loved it!! However, I learned the hard way: DO NOT touch your eyes or face for at least a week after making it! lol It was honestly so good!

  21. This sounds fantastic but I want to try it with some kind of breading or shake n bake then put it in the oven. Nice and crispy with the Frank’s hot sauce and stuffed with cheese.

  22. Making this now. Super easy recipe for a weeknight meal and low cal too. Hope it tastes as good as it smells!

  23. Nobody in my family likes celery salt. Does it taste the same if I opt to take it out, or can you not taste it?

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  25. Family not big on the cheese you used so i stuffed mine with blue cheese and it was to die for ! Thanks for the idea to start with.

  26. I am not a fan of spicy things….and not much of a cook….but this looks yummy! Any ideas on what seasoning I could substitute that would work with the cheese and chicken?

  27. Hello. My names Melessa. I found this recipe and it looks so delicious. I have never tried it. And I have some questions. Because I don’t like spicy what kind of sauce and peppers can I use instead of spicy things? And do i grill this chicken on both sides for how many minutes and before I grill it do I cut it through entirely or I just leave it like a tiny piece is still stuck and just push the cheese inside ? And can I use the outside grill ? Does this recipe works with pork or any other meat other than chicken? How can I make this food not spicy but still amazing and at same time make it crunchy? Thanks :) // Melessa

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  31. Yum, made this tonight with boneless pork chops because that’s what I had in the house. Delicious!

  32. This recipe looks and sounds good but I don’t eat cheese if any kind. I would have to cook mine without the cheese. I’m sure it would taste good with just the buffalo sauce.
    I’m ready to try something new. I am also diabetic and get tired of eating the same meals. I need to buy a diabetic cook book and explore more. Thanks for the tecipe Robin Maxey. Have a great day.

    • This would taste just as great with just the Buffalo sauce. I have had it that way! I understand about getting bored eating the same meals, I do too. I bet there is a great diabetic cookbook out there for you. Or just Google recipes. :) Thank you for stopping by. I hope you have a great rest of the week.

  33. OMG your grilled cheese he Kickin is out of this world I’m a guy and let me tell you that was so easy I had a blast and everybody that had it was just loving it they were happy campers thank you so much it was delicious 😀😀