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Valentine’s Day Round Up

Hi Everyone,

It’s funny, but I have the song “The Things We Do for Love” in my head.  It’s been in my head for three days and it won’t go away!  So with that song in my head, I thought I would give you and me an early start for Valentine’s Day.  So today I have given you my Valentine’s Day round-up.  These are all of my personal favorite Valentine’s Day Treats from breakfast to dessert with everything in between.

Here are the treats up above.

First row:  Chocolate Mini Mocha Cake, Chocolate Coconut Mousse

Second Row:  Berry Tacos, Nutella Truffles, White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake, Cherry Pancakes

Third Row: ChocolateCherry Jubilee Frappe, Red Velvet Cookies, Skinny Cherry Milkshake, Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Fourth Row: Lightened Up Chocolate Zucchini Bread, Cherry Pie Crumble Bars, Berry Oatmeal Breakfast Smoothie, Chocolate Mug Cake

Man, am I in a sweet mood.  I hate when I get like this, it’s chocolate, chocolate, chocolate for me!  Ohhhh, how I love chocolate.  Oh, I have more treats to share with you!!

This is my Strawberry Coconut Shortcake.  It’ so pretty!  I don’t make cakes very often, because it’s just my Husband and I, but this is one cake worth making over and over!

How about some healthy little chocolate treats? Here are my Avocado Chocolate Balls. These were so surprisingly good and very healthy, low in calories!

Maybe you want a nice sweet drink? Try my Skinny Strawberry Mocha! Love this drink. I kind of have a thing for chocolate and strawberries together!

Pistachio and Cherry Cannoli Cups – This is one of my favorites. My Husband and I ate the whole batch in one day! Crispy fillo shell topped with a wonderful ricotta and mascarpone cheese! So good!

Looking for chocolate and caramel? You need to try my Snickerway Truffles. Oh my gosh, they are sooooooo good, rich and chocolaty!! Using caramel extract saves a bazillion calories!

This is one of my favorites and so easy to make! Strawberry Cream Mousse! So rich, creamy and delish!  I think I will make it again this week!

Maybe you want something, rich, chocolaty, that you can ummm, spread on things? How about homemade Nutella? Super easy to make and tastes way better than store-bought!

Now you know I had to throw something that had peanut butter in it! How about some Peanut Butter Cheesecake Dip? Dam good!!!  That’s all I can say!

I love doing round ups because there are so many things I tend to forget about!  I guess that is what happens when you blog everyday!!  I am hoping and planning on coming up with some fabulous Valentine’s Day treats for the next couple of weeks.  I have a few in mind and I can’t wait to start making them!!

Are you still looking for more Valentine’s Day dessert idea’s?  I have collected a few wonderful recipes from my fellow bloggers.  Give a look, maybe you will find something that strikes your fancy?

Well my Friends that is it!! I am now really craving chocolate! You can bet your bottom, there will be chocolate recipes coming up!

Have a wonderful weekend! Stay tuned for tomorrow for my last Super Bowl recipe! It’s a good one!


P.S. I love these little Berry Popover Pancakes! Perfect for breakfast!!

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