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Hi Everyone!

Well I am just about done with my 10,000 steps a day monthly challenge!  I didn’t make my goals everyday, but I did really try!  I am pretty proud of myself that I accomplished this challenge.  Not only do I feel better about myself, but it also pushed me to thrive!!  I had no excuses not to go to the gym or to take a walk!!   To make this challenge easy I used the Omron USB Pedometer to help me track my goals!

Omron USB Pedometer

This little Pedometer is great!!  It tracks my steps, calories burned, miles I walked and even tracks if I did aerobic walks, meaning jogs, runs and speed walking.  The Pedometer also holds memory for 22 days!!  After my day has ended I just insert the USB plug into my computer and it downloads it on to my Omron Fitness Dashboard to I can see how far I have walked all week!!!

My Omron Fitness Dashboard

I’m showing my good week when I went to Vegas.  Walking in Las Vegas was easy and I was shocked when I hit over 20,000 steps in one day!  I don’t think I will beat that again, but I will try!!!  If you follow me on Instagram, you will see my steps I took everyday for a month and see if I hit my goal.  I think I missed 3 days out of the month.  It’s not always easy getting 10,000 steps, especially when your feeling a tad lazy!! So your probably wondering what did I do to get 10,000 steps?  Glad you asked.  I actually made a little chart for you to see, so you can reach your 10,000 steps!

How to get 10,000 steps

So your probably wondering why do you need to get 10,000 steps a day?  Well, for one it’s healthy!!  You will feel great when your done at the end of the night!  Plus, the big bonus part is I lost 1/2 inch on both thighs!  Woohoo!!!  That my Friend is worth it!!  I didn’t lose weight, but I know I gained some muscles.  I am personally going to keep trying to reach 10,000 steps after my challenge.  I found it easy to reach on most days, plus my Omron Pedometer was so easy to use.  I just hooked it to my pants and I was off!!!  Plus when I look at my dashboard I can see the tally of my week and wow, do the steps really add up.  Here is the other part on my Fitness screen!

Omron Dashboard

He he I even got trophy’s when I meet a goal!  It makes it so much more fun and gives me something to achieve!!  I am a big believer on walking.  When I lost my first 10lbs. a few years ago, it was one month of just walking.  No other exercise!  It just goes to show that walking is easy and you lose weight!!  You just have to push yourself harder and longer to keep challenging your body!!  I went from walking at 4 mph, to 5 mph without dying!!!  One day I’ll be ready for a 10k!!

Omron Pedometer

I want to give Mamavation and Omron Fitness a big thank you for picking me to do this challenge.  They gave me the motivation to strive, to push myself to get off of my butt!  If your into walking, I recommend the Omron Tri-Axis USB Pedometer with Web Solution.  I think you will love it as much as I do!!

Omron Pedometer

I am so happy I can share this with you today!!  I hope I motivated you to do some walking yourself!!  It’s still beautiful out and there are no excuses!!  Go for a walk with a friend, boyfriend, husband or with your kids!  Everyone benefits from a nice walk!!  If your interested in the Omron Pedometer like the one I have you can order it here.  It’s well worth the money!

Well my Friends, have a great day!!  Now get those tennis shoes on and go for a walk!  🙂



Disclosure: I was compensated for this post about the Omron TriAxis Pedometer through the Bookieboo Influencer Networkand Mamavation, a disease prevention campaign for moms.


  1. Well done Jennifer! Love the tips on getting 10K steps.

  2. When I was working, I could regularly do about 17,000 steps. Now that I’m back in school it is much, much less. I should do one of these challenges myself!

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