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24 Hours of Peanuts Giveaway / Weekly Recap

Hi Everyone,

I am so excited for today’s post!  I got the most exciting news, I am in a cookbook!!  Me!  My recipe, my recipe photo and my picture in a book!  I am so proud!  Not just because I’m in a cookbook, but because it’s a cookbook that is something I strongly believe in.  I’ll give you a guess!  It’s PEANUTS!  I guess you can tell from my recipes and my blog name I love peanut butter!  LOVE it!!!  If I could have a stronger word for love, I would use it!!  When I came home from work Thursday I had a package on my porch and when I opened it I got all of this from the National Peanut Board!!

Then there it was!  The Cookbook!!  This cookbook has all the facts on my beloved little nut.  Did you know that peanuts give you long-term energy?  Skip the soda and have a hand full of peanuts!  For a 1/4 cup of peanuts you get 7 grams of protein, 2 grams of fiber and more than 30 vitamins and nutrients!  Not to mention it’s considered a Super Food!!!  Can you see why I love peanuts?  Plus they are so tasty and so versatile!  It’s amazing to what kind of recipes you can use peanuts in from sweet desserts, to savory dishes and this cookbook has them all!  There is not one day that goes by that I don’t have peanuts or peanut butter!  It’s a must in my life.!!!

The cookbook is full of the most delicious recipes, like Peanut Butter Sliders, Peanut Butter Fruit Pizza and Peanut Butter and Jelly Blondies!!  Plus it has my recipe for my Peanut Butter and Banana Frozen Yogurt.   He he

I am really proud to be apart of the 24/7 Energy Recipe Resource project with other wonderful peanut lover bloggers!!  It’s truly an honor to be able to share my love of peanut butter with others.  I had no idea they were putting my picture in the book, so they took one from my blog and let me tell you, it’s not the prettiest picture.  It’s me, in pigtails, sunglasses as I was hiking!  But I did have my trail mix with me, that did include peanuts.  Want to see my picture?

Ok, they didn’t put geek on it!  lol!!  I’m just being goofy!!  Really, I am soooooooooo excited!  You have no idea!  This has made my year!  I can’t wait to share the cookbook with my friends and family, plus I can’t wait to try out some new Peanut recipes!  I’ll be sharing them with you!!  I already lined up a few that is going to be in my weekly meal plan in the next couple of weeks, like this one from my blogging Friend Averie from Averie Cooks.

So are you ready for the giveaway?  You see that little package I got in the first photo?  Well they sent me an extra one just for one of my readers!!  This is what you get!!

To win all you have to do is tell me your all time favorite peanut recipe or favorite recipe in general, and if you have it posted on your blog, link it up!!

For extra entries:  Just be sure you tell me you did so.

By the way you should check out the National Peanut Butter Board for more peanut information, plus it has a ton of tasty looking recipes!!!

I’ll announce the winner on Wednesday!

This week, I won’t post any links.  I really didn’t see any that I wanted to share, so instead I am going to give you my weekly recap!!

Sunday:  Skinny Cinnamon Dolce Frappe #SundaySupper – This is my latest coffee drink and a good one I must admit.  I am on a cinnamon kick this week and this recipe was perfect to satisfy my cinnamon and coffee cravings, plus it’s refreshing since we had a few hot days this week!  Yah!  I think Spring has finally sprung!

Monday:  Neapolitan Smoothie – This was my Saturday night thought and I couldn’t wait to put it together for you and me!  It has all the flavors of the ever so famous Neapolitan Ice Cream.  It’s made with vanilla protein powder, frozen strawberries and cocoa powder.  So good!! it really satisfies your ice cream craving!

Tuesday:  Cinnamon Chip Bread, Starbucks Copycat Recipe – LOVE this bread!  I got this recipe straight from SB’s website.  Did you know they won’t be carrying this bread anymore?  They actually won’t be carrying most of their products that we have all loved to drool over in their cases.  Now they will be carrying La Boulange Bakery baked goods.  I already saw them and they are cute little pastries.  I’m in trouble!    The treats will be more savory then sweet, but trust me there will be a lot of sweet.  I can’t wait to see what I can copy next!

Wednesday:  Oven Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Balsamic Glaze – This was a hit with me this week and you too!  A lot of people pinned this recipe.  I am happy to know their are Brussels Sprout fans out there!

Thursday:  Banana Almond Breakfast Cookies – I am loving these cookies!  I have snacked on them all week!  Perfect for some nice energy, full of good nutrients, easy to make and vegan too!!

Friday:  Pork Tenderloin with Savory Apple Gravy – Like I posted yesterday I have made this recipe every week for three weeks!  My Husband just loves it!!  It’s one of his newest requested meals.  I love it too and I love that it can be made in a Crockpot!  It makes life so much easier!

That’s it for me, I have been writing this post for almost three hours, and it’s past my bedtime!  Be sure to stop back tomorrow!  I have a new recipe that I just love!!  My Husband loved it so much I couldn’t even plate it to take pictures for you because he kept eating it!  All I can tell you is that it is a sweet treat for anybody to enjoy, not just calorie counters!  😉

Have a great Saturday!!  Don’t forget to enter my giveaway!



P.S.  This weeks craving is Peanut Butter Cookie Hummus.  All this peanut butter talk has me craving it!!!


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