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Naked Juice All Natural Smoothies

Hi Everyone!!

Today I have for you the most simple smoothie you can ever make.  Actually it’s already made for you!!!  How nice is that?  I was asked if I would like to try the new Naked All Natural Smoothies in the flavors of Strawberry Banana and Mighty Mango.   How could I turn that down?  You know I love my smoothies!  Plus after my Zumba workout and then strength training afterwards, I was tired and sore and the last thing I felt like doing was making a smoothie, but I needed something healthy and something quick because I was starved!

But before I eat or drink anything, the first thing I like to do is check labels!  I didn’t want sugar or fat.  I wanted something that would feed my body, after all it worked out hard today.  So I checked the labels of both bottles of Naked Smoothies.

Huh, 0 fat and no added sugar, just natural sugar from the fruit!  I love that!  Sounds good to me!!

Wow, that’s a lot of fruit they fit into the bottle!  I love that!  So my Husband and I decided to do a taste test to see what one we would like to try.  Since I was all hot and kind of gross I really wanted a cold drink, and I mean cold!  So I decided on trying the Strawberry Banana flavor first.  Since I heart Strawberries and Banana together!  But to make it cold I put in a little bit of ice in my blender and poured in the whole bottle of Naked Strawberry and Banana.  Gave it a swirl and presto and cold smoothie!  Looking good!!

Because I am a kind wife, I split my drink with my Husband.   At first when I told him it was a Naked Smoothie with no sugar, he wasn’t to thrilled, but then he took a sip and loved it!!  I mean loved it.  He wanted more, but I told him no!!  I wasn’t sharing, since I did after all make it for me!!  It tasted wonderful and refreshing.  You really get a taste of all the flavors in it.  I felt the strawberry and apple really stood out.  This smoothie is a keeper!

But because I split it and because I was curious to how the Mighty Mango tasted I had to have that one too!  But instead of blending it in with ice, I decided to just pour it in a glass and have it that way.

This one was a winner too, plus I love the orange color.  It tasted very different from the Strawberry Banana.   This one was thicker, but that could be because I didn’t mix in any ice with it.  I really tasted the mango and apple in this drink.  My Husband had it to and he liked it!  I’m really happy that he does, because you may know from previous posts, he doesn’t eat very healthy and I really do try to get him to eat better.  Now that I know that he likes these, I will be buying them for him, so he will have something healthy, plus it will make me feel good to knowing that he is.  It’s hard being a wife, and trying to get your Husband to eat better!  Sigh…

I’m really glad I had the opportunity to try the both of these drinks!   I don’t know which flavor I like better, they are both so good!!   Really they are!  I was checking on the Naked Juice website and wow they have a lot of flavors.  Have you ever tried Naked Juice Smoothies?  If so, can you recommend my next flavor to try?  I’m thinking Banana Chocolate, doesn’t that sound good?  Or Pomegranate Acai!  Ohh, I can’t wait!!  Maybe I’ll walk tot he store and pick some up?

Did you know that Naked Juice is worth its weight in good! There’s a pound of fruit in every bottle.  How crazy is that?  LOVE my fruit!!

Naked Juice has partnered with charity Wholesome Wave to improve access to fresh produce in communities across the country. You can help by visiting For every coupon downloaded, 1 of fresh produce will go to an underserved community, up to 100,000 pounds.  How nice is that!  Something good for you and your body, plus helping others!!  So be healthy and help others to be healthy too!!  Just download a coupon!  I will!

Well my Friends, I am off to do some more exercising, after all my 5k run is on Saturday!!  Eck!  But since I already worked out, I’m taking it easy and going for that walk!

Have a great day!



Compensation was provided by Naked Juice via Glam Media.  The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Naked Juice

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