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Diet Mixed Berry Smoothie

Hi Everyone,

I have been on such a smoothie kick lately.  I have had one just about everyday!  I think it is the nice weather we are finally having that it  has given me a little bit of spring fever.  Plus having smoothies have tie me over between lunch and dinner.  It keeps me from mindless snacking!

A creamy,thick healthy smoothie made with berries, banana and Cranberry Juice.

I teamed up with Ocean Spray on today’s smoothie, and they asked me to make their Diet Mixed Berry Smoothie.  So I followed their recipe and whipped this wonderful, creamy, sweet smoothie together in a matter of minutes.  I was very excited to try the smoothie, since  you already know how much I love Ocean Spray’s Diet Cranberry juice, from my past recipe for my Cranberry Christmas Smoothie.

I always keep a bottle of Ocean Spray Diet Cranberry Juice in my refrigerator.   It’s tangy with a hint of sweetness and only 5 calories for 1 cup!!  It really quenches my thirst when I want something rather than water.   Today’s smoothie is a wonderful blend of Ocean Spray Diet Cranberry Juice, berry greek yogurt, frozen banana and mixed frozen berries.  I love it and it was perfect for after my morning workout!!

I asked my Husband to take a taste of the smoothie and he loved it!  I had to make him one too!  Matter in fact I made a batch of these smoothies and froze them in a freezer bag.  I plan on taking them to work and having one as my mid morning snack.  This will give me something to look forward too!!  Do you ever freeze your smoothies?  It’s so easy!  Just make the smoothie, place in a freezer bag and freeze.  Take it out a couple of hours before you have it and place in the refrigerator   In a couple of hours it is just like you just made it!!

I’m looking forward to making more smoothies with my Diet Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice.  Do you know they have other flavors besides cranberry?  They also have 8 other flavors, plus two sparkling Diet Cranberry Juices.  I didn’t know they had sparkling diet, until I just now saw it on their website.  Now I’m going to look for those next time I am at the store.

But as I think about it, I’m thinking the Cran-Lemonade will be perfect for summer and perfect for me right now!  That one is going on my grocery shopping list too.  I love the flavor of lemonade!  Yum!!!   That will make for an awesome smoothie, plus I have a recipe idea in mind with that one.  But you’ll have to wait for that!

Diet Mixed Berry Smoothie
Prep time
Total time
A creamy,thick healthy smoothie made with berries, banana and Ocean Spray Diet Cranberry Juice.
Serves: 2 Cups
  • ¾ cups Diet Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice Drink, any flavor
  • ¾ cup frozen mixed berries (strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and blueberries)
  • 1- 6 oz container greek flavored yogurt
  • ½ banana, frozen
  1. Combine all ingredients in a blender. Blend for a few seconds on high speed until ingredients are thoroughly combined.
Calorie per 1 cup: 111.5, Fat: .02, Cholesterol: 0, Sodium: 62, Potassium: 116, Carbs: 21, Fiber: 1.9, Sugar: 15, Protein: 6.5
Nutrition Information
Serving size: 1 Cup

I want to thank Ocean Spray for letting me try your smoothie recipe, I simply LOVE it!!  Ocean Spray has a lot of great recipes on there website too, you should check them out!!  I’m going to scope them all out!!

Have a wonderful day!



I have partnered with Ocean Spray through DailyBuzz to help promote their new Ocean Spray Diet product. I have been compensated for my time commitment to work with this product, however my opinions are entirely my own and I have not been paid to publish positive comments.

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