Weekly Recap – Sept. 16, 2013

Hi Everyone,

I have to tell you my Saturday became a big bust!!  I took a half day of work on Friday to get my household chores done, and then my Husband told me I had to come to his work to get an oil change.  So needless to say it kind of interrupted my plans.  Then on Saturday I got ready to go to the beach and my Husband came running in the house and told me our water heater is done and leaking all over the garage and we need a new one NOW!  He made me go with him at Home Depot with him at 6:30 in the morning before my cup of coffee!!  Doesn’t the man know I need my coffee before I do anything?   He told me I couldn’t go to the beach because he may need my help.  So I stayed home to help for a whole 10 minutes!  Ugh!!!  Nothing has gone right for me!!  I swear I need to count to 10 and breath!!!  After all that I decided I would exercise because I drowned myself in about a pound of granola.  Dam sprouts and their yummy granola!!  Then my Husband said you can’t exercise, we need to go the dump to drop off the old water heater.  Why can’t he do anything on his own?  He does fun things with his Friends and I do all the crappy stuff with him.  Sorry, I just needed to vent!!

Oh and get this to top it all off, I decided I would make muffins to share with you this week, and guess what?  My baking powder went flat!!  I made muffins earlier this week and I thought maybe it was the recipe, so I tried another, nope flat muffins.  It has to be the baking powder.  The muffins tasted ok, but not very pretty.  When I left my kitchen for a whole 2 minutes, I came back and my good dog, Samantha decided she would eat a dozen muffins!  So even if they did turn out, I couldn’t share them with you!  They were on the cooling rack!  I can’t believe she ate them!!  She has never done that.  At least they were low-fat and not much sugar in them. She gave me her paw of approval!  So what is up with today?  Do you ever have days like this?

Well here’s this weeks weekly recap:

Monday – Southwest Chicken and Bean Soup from the Secret Recipe Club.  This soup is simply delish!  I love anything that is south-west and the best part is I discovered a new blog which I love!

Tuesday – Whole Wheat Yogurt Apple Pancake Cake – This was my one year anniversary!  I am so happy I made it to this day!  This apple pancake is amazing!  It’s low-calorie and full of apples and cinnamon.  I even warmed it up, and top with some homemade vanilla frozen yogurt on top and had it for dessert.  It really does taste like an apple pie and a mere 86 calories a slice, you can’t beat that!!

Wednesday – Pumpkin Frozen Yogurt – I LOVE this dessert!  Matter in fact I have it freezing in the freezer right now!  The flavors are wonderful and it’s so healthy!  Completely guilt-free!!  I can’t even tell you enough how much I love it!!

Thursday – Acorn Squash Stuffed with Cabbage, Peppers and Onions – I loved this dinner!  The flavor combination may seem a little bit off, but trust me it tastes just wonderful!!  I’m so happy that acorn squash is back in season!

Friday – Ranch Burgers – I have so much fun making burgers!!  This one tastes wonderful, I nice change-up from the traditional burger.  The greek yogurt and ranch seasoning makes this burger extra tasty!!

Saturday – Spicy Buffalo Chicken Meatballs – This is the first time I ever used ground chicken and I love it!!!  These meatballs are super yummy!  There moist tender and has just a hint of heat!  The blue cheese makes it all that much better!  If you like Buffalo Chicken Wings you must try this recipe!!  It’s so quick and easy!!

Well my Friends!  I am off to go with my Husband to the dumps!  Fun wow!!!  Thanks for listening to me gripe!  I feel so much better getting it out!!  Oh and while I’m out, I better get some baking powder!  🙂

Have a nice rest of the weekend!



P.S.  This is what I have been craving this week, besides the pumpkin frozen yogurt!  Taco Lasagna!  Yum!  I need to make this again and soon!  I love the spicy stuff!!







  1. Ugh! I feel your pain! My husband, who is a Battalion Chief for the Fire Dept. was on a fire call wed. night. He fell in a 3ft hole and broke his ankle…badly! So he is home…sitting on the couch..unable to do anything (well, he did get on the laptop and check my credit card activity) Weeeeeeeeeeeee!

    • Ahhhhhhhhh!!! That’s just horrible!!! Oh my gosh, I hate when they starting checking the bank accounts or asking how much is your credit card debt? I just smile and pretend I don’t hear him! he he!! I do hope your Husband gets better and soon!! Breaking an ankle is a nasty one, but with him being stuck on the couch, I feel really bad for you!!

  2. Oh, Jen, that stinks! You deserve that pound of granola…at least it wasn’t a pound of chocolate cake 😉

  3. WHAT a weekend! The oil, the water heater, and then the dog/muffins situation. UGH!! Well you got your 3 strikes out of the way…things can only go up from here 🙂

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