My Skinny Mexican Dinner Comes together

Hi Everyone,

I am so happy it’s Friday!  What a long and crazy week.  I worked late again on Thursday, which is just killing me.  I am just happy to be home and Friday is a half day!  Woohoo!!  This week you may have noticed a slight theme with my posts, it all seems to be Mexican.  This past Sunday I made my yummy Mexican dinner and this week I thought I would give you bits and pieces of it, well now you can see it all together.

I started the week out with my wonderful flank steak!  Thank you everyone on twitter who suggested it!  It was perfect the night I made it and the next night too!

I served my flank steaks on my homemade Flour Tortilla Shells.  I made those a while ago, but there such a hit I made them again!!

I also made my homemade guacamole which was fantastic!  I am so happy I could eat it!  I really thought I was allergic to avocados.

I used my guacamole in my portion control 6 Layer Taco Dip!  I love this stuff I could eat it all, lucky I portion controlled it!

Of course you get my homemade tortilla chips!!!  So simple and easy to make!

I loved my dinner this week, and I made it a few days in a row!   I can so eat Mexican everyday!!!

Your probably thinking, ya, ya, we saw that this week and you’re wondering what the giveaway is.  Well hold on my dears, first look what I got this week!

I finally signed up for the CSA!  I got my very first box on Wednesday morning.  I was very pleased, everything was crisp, fresh and organic.  Not to bad for $15.00!  So with that, my giveaway is perfect!

I received not one, not two, but three Salad Spinners from OXO for me to giveaway!  They  actually sent me an extra shipment by mistake, and when I contacted them, they were nice enough to tell me to keep them.  I want to let you know that OXO has not paid me or asked me to tell you anything.  These products were free from them and all they ask for is my honest opinion of the product.  So with that said, I thought I would give the Salad Spinner a Spin.

First I washed my lettuce that I got from the CSA and put it in the Salad Spinner.

Just push down on the handle and give a spin.

Ta da!  After a few spins my lettuce was dry!

You can use the bowl for serving your salad or you can put the lid back on and store in the refrigerator.  I would have done that, but I didn’t have any room in there.  It’s to loaded with all my fruits and vegetables.

I really liked this product!  It will come in handy for my farmers market produce. Oh and it says you add berries to it and give it a spin.  I plan on trying that next, since I buy so many berries!

To enter, all you have to do is tell me your favorite kind of salad!

5 Additional chances to win:  Oh and be sure you tell me you did this.

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The giveaway ends on Monday, April 30th, at 4pm (PST).  I’ll pick 3 winners through and announce the winner on Tuesday, May 1st.  Sorry, US only.

Hasta la vista baby!  😉

Have a wonderful weekend!!!


Winners of the Giveaway:  Please contact me by e-mail:  [email protected]

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Author: Michele
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I follow you on twitter!

Your Winner

Author: Chantelle Shick
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Subscribed via email. 🙂

Your Winner

Author: Jan
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My favorite salad is a veggie salad with different kinds of greens.


  1. My favorite is an Asian salad (like they have at Panera Bread) with romaine, spinach, arugula, shredded carrots, cilantro, sesame seed, slivered almonds, whatever else is in the fridge, and a sweet asian dressing.

  2. My favorite salad: spring mix with bacon, beets, walnuts, goat cheese and topped with a light vinaigrette dressing 😉

  3. My favorite salad is Ceasar Salad! I follow you on Facebook!

  4. does it matter if we don’t have a blog but have done everything else?

  5. cobb salad with avocado dressing is my favorite

  6. Laura Shelton says

    My favorite salad is romaine lettuce with thinly sliced red onions & English cucumbers, grape tomatoes, and sliced avocado with light ranch & those seasoned tortillas strips on top. YUM! I’m signed up for emails & like you on FB, but I don’t Twitter or blog LOL.

  7. Romaine is my favorite kind of salad

  8. I am following you on twitter

  9. Tweeted your link for the giveaway

  10. Facebook fan too now 🙂

  11. Subscribed to your email – thank you 🙂

  12. Traci Ellis says

    I love your standard garden salad the best. Fresh from the warm garden is the best. I also like you on Facebook.

  13. Hey! My favorite salad is organic mixed greens and spinach with gorgonzola cheese, walnuts or almonds, dried cranberries or cherries, and grilled chicken. YUMM! I love all vegetables and am a huge salad eater! This spinner would be fantastic. I follow you on Twitter and Facebook and read your blog daily!!

  14. Hey! My favorite salad is organic mixed greens and spinach with gorgonzola cheese, walnuts or almonds, dried cranberries or cherries, and grilled chicken. YUMM!

  15. I love all vegetables and am a huge salad eater! This spinner would be fantastic. I follow you on Twitter and Facebook and read your blog daily!!

  16. Cassandra Bishop says

    That dinner looks mouthwatering, way better than anything you could get at a Mexican restaurant around here. And coincidentally, I am a huge fan of Mexican salads. I love a little bit of cheese, pico de gallo, tons of beans and a dressing with a kick to it. I’m completely in the mood for Mexican food now 🙂

  17. Cassandra Bishop says

    I have liked you on Facebook

  18. Cassandra Bishop says

    I also am following you on Twitter

  19. Cassandra Bishop says

    I tweeted about the giveaway 🙂 Thanks!

  20. Tara McGillicuddy says

    I love a good cobb salad with big yummy blue cheese chunks and homemade creamy cucumber dressing. I also love taco salads!

  21. My favorite salad is my spinach salad topped with grilled chicken, loaded with veggies, and drizzled with balsamic. I have yet to meet a salad that I didn’t appreciate.

    I am subscribed.
    I follow you on Twitter.
    I tweeted the contest.
    I like you on FB.

  22. I love a fresh spring mix salad with lite honey balsamic dressing.yum.

  23. I subscribe to peanut butter and peppers via rss feed.

  24. hi!!! I like you on FB and I subscribe to your blog! also, my favorite kind of salad is spinach w/ any fruit and nuts, plus goat cheese, and poppy seed dressing OR a fruity vinaigrette. YUM 🙂

  25. I follow you on twitter

  26. I tweeted about your giveaway

  27. I like you on Facebook

  28. My favorite salad is one of my own creation which you should totally check out on my site. Lots of fruit. Strawberries, kiwis. Oh boy is it good. I already follow you on twitter

  29. Beautiful Mexican meal! I could eat guac every single day of my life.

  30. My favorite salad would have to be Caesar! I could eat it every day!

  31. I follow you on FB!

  32. Signed up for e-mail updates!

  33. Following you on Twitter! @CrunchyCreamySw

  34. I tweeted the giveaway!

  35. My favorite salad is any with nuts and fruit!

  36. I follow you on Facebook

  37. I am a subscriber to your blog

  38. Melissa C. says

    Romaine with beautiful avacados and homemade garlic croutons… yum!!

  39. Melissa C. says

    I subscribed to your lovely blog

  40. Shaunna Ulrick says

    I love taco salads with avocado!

  41. Shaunna Ulrick says

    I subscribe to your blog 🙂

  42. billiejean says

    I have two salads everyday! I LOVE them. As of today though, my favorite is spring mix with zucchini, raisins, and a weee bit of balsamic vinaigrette!

  43. What a GORGEOUS meal!!

  44. billiejean says

    Subscribed to your blog via email!

  45. billiejean says

    Follow you on Twitter!

  46. billiejean says


  47. billiejean says

    “Like” you on Facebook!

  48. My favorite kind of salad has strawberries and feta cheese over baby spinach with poppyseed dressing. Yum!

  49. I subscribe to you via RSS.

  50. And I follow you on Twitter.

  51. I like you on Facebook.

  52. And just tweeted the giveaway.

  53. Southwest Salad!! Black beans, tomatoes, cilantro, lettuce, onion….so delicious!

  54. I absolutely love butter lettuces. Mmmm! 😀 Thank you for the giveaway!

  55. My favorite salad is a veggie salad with different kinds of greens.

  56. I Love greek salads—a few olives, feta cheese, lots of cucumbers and tomatoes marinated in spray italian drsg, add alittle redwine vinegar or lemon juice and of course oregano.

  57. Yum, that mexican feast looks delicious. It’s skinny! That makes it even better. My favorite salad is a taco salad. It’s so good.

  58. dawn miller says

    My favorite salad is a mixed green and spinach salad with cranberries, sunflower seeds, chicken and basalmic dressing!

  59. dawn miller says

    I follow you on my e-mail! Love your site!!

  60. amy marantino says

    my favorite salad is a homegrown garden salad (lettuce, tomatos and cukes from my own garden)

  61. amy marantino says

    I subscribe to Peanut Butter and Peppers via RSS/google Reader

  62. amy marantino says

    I Follow you on Twitter @onitnaram

  63. amy marantino says

    i Tweeted the giveaway: @onitnaram

  64. I loved everything you posted this week! So fresh and light and delicious sounding. I always have a new favorite salad but since I made a Thai one for lunch today and we loved it – I will have to say Thai, at least for today!

  65. That dinner looks fantastic! My favorite salad is actually a good caesar, with sundried tomatoes and lots of parmesan!

  66. I subscribe to your RSS feed

  67. I follow you on Twitter

  68. I tweeted about the giveaway

  69. I like you on Facebook

  70. I’ve been following your blog unofficially for a couple of months and LOVE everything you put up. Just started following you on twitter. I would love to win this giveaway I’ve always wanted to have a salad spinner. My favorite salad to make is arugula picked fresh from my Momma’s garden, crisp apples, goat cheese, candied pecans or walnuts and a homemade balsamic vinaigrette…and LOTS of fresh cracked pepper! I’m about to go like your Facebook page. I have a giveaway that ends tonight, too! Free salad spinners & Chobani greek yogurt sent to your house…not too bad. Thanks!

  71. Spinach with blackberries, blueberries, chopped almonds and herb/garlic dressing. It’s so good with the fruit frozen, too!

  72. I follow you on twitter!

  73. I follow you on pinterest, too. Not sure if that counts or not?

  74. I loooove Mexican food 🙂

    My favorite salad is topped with avocado!

  75. My favorite salad is a buffalo chicken salad with blue cheese dressing. YUM!

  76. Kerrie Murphy says

    My favorite salad includes organic spinach and mixed greens topped with tomatoes, roasted vegetables and balsamic viniagrette. I subscribe to your blog via email!

  77. My fave salad is spinach, craisins, sunflower seeds, goat cheese and balsamic dressing

  78. Signed up for email

  79. I follow you on twitter

  80. follow you on fb too!!!

  81. Spinach is my favorite kind of salad!

  82. Tweeted your giveaway link!

  83. Like you on Facebook too!

  84. Subscribed to your email newsletter 🙂

  85. chicken salad

  86. Romaine is my favorite kind of salad

  87. I like you on Facebook

  88. Subscribed to your newsletter

  89. Favorite salad is Greek….feta cheese, kalamata olives, tangy vinegarette, peppers…yum!

  90. I like butter lettuce and baby spring mix greens!

  91. Subscribed to your newsletter

  92. Like you on Facebook too

  93. Following on Twitter – thanks so much for a great healthy giveaway!

  94. Laurel Wycoff says

    Probably my favorite salad is Taco Salad. I also love a good spring mix with chunks of chicken, vegies, cranberries, raisins and almond slices.

  95. Laurel Wycoff says

    I already like you on FaceBook

  96. Laurel Wycoff says

    I already follow you on Twitter.

  97. Laurel Wycoff says

    I just tweeted the giveaway.


  98. Cobb Salad-It has a bit of everything in it! 🙂

  99. I also follow you on facebook.

  100. lacretia dockery says

    I love your recipes and follow you on facebook. My favorite salad is a grilled chicken with carmelized onions and bell peppers with all the veggies I have in the fridge and a little honey mustard dressing….. yummy!

  101. Right now I’m loving to use chopped kale in my salads with balsamic dressing!!! oh man so good!

  102. I like your Facebook page!

  103. I follow you on twitter!

  104. I also subscribe via email!

  105. my favorite salad is chinese chicken salad! yum!!

  106. I like all kinds of salad, but I’ve been eating a lot of Mediterranean food lately so I’ll say caprice salad

  107. Calamari Spinach Salad is my absolute favorite salad! mmmm

  108. Subscribed via email. 🙂

  109. Followed via Twitter @Chant3llo

  110. Liked on Facebook

  111. Your button is on my blog too.

  112. Put your button on my blog.

  113. Put your button on my blog.

  114. My favorite salad is a gussied up chef salad, adding avocado and bacon!

  115. Choosing a favorite salad is so difficult! I would say mine is spring mix and romaine with sliced strawberries, mandarin oranges, glazed pecans, blue cheese and a raspberry viniagrette. YUM!

  116. Stefanie O. says

    My favorite salad which I have managed to get my whole family hooked on as well is a spinach, strawberry and pecan salad with homemade sweet poppy seed dressing 🙂

  117. I love a good Greek salad with lots of feta cheese!

  118. I really like spinach salad strawberries, topped with poppy seed dressing 🙂

  119. jody allen says

    My fave salad is spinach, craisins, sunflower seeds, and balsamic dressing or raspberry pecan dressing. I subscribed to your email! Thank you for the GREAT ideas!

  120. twitted this today

  121. I love so many different salad combinations but lately I’ve been enjoying baby spinach with roasted asparagus, broccoli and brussel sprouts with poached salmon. Great giveaway!


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