Funfetti Cake Cookies

Hi Everyone!

Half way through the week.  Being positive, being positive.  I have to say, not to sound weird, but having a more positive attitude has made the days more pleasurable, and I am sure for everyone else too.  I have been baking, exercising and I have more energy, way better then the beginning of January, so I’ll keep trying!!

Lately I have had serious cookie withdrawals, so I’m back at it again!  I ate so many cookies in December and then went 3, yes 3 whole weeks without cookies, I had to put an end to that, and then these little beauties were created!

These cookies, oh my!  If you like to lick the bowl of cake batter then this is the cookie for you!  Between this one and the Chocolate cake cookies I made, this one is a little bigger hit!  But it depends on what you like better, chocolate or vanilla.  My work tends to favor vanilla, where as my Husbands work, they like chocolate.  To each it’s own.  Me, I prefer chocolate anytime!  But I would never turn down vanilla!!

These cookies spread out pretty good so be sure to separate them 2″ apart.  They have a chewy outer and a really soft center.  The perfect cake cookie!  The sprinkles inside make them so fun!!

Funfetti cookies would be perfect for a kids party.  Next time I make them, and believe me there will be a next time, I plan on putting just a little bit of frosting on top.  Then these will truly be a cake cookie.  Yum!!

Have you ever made cake cookies?  Whats your favorite kind?  I plan on exploring all the flavors, Red Velvet, Coconut, Strawberry and whatever other flavors I can find.  There are so many of them.

Funfetti Cake Cookies


1 18.9 oz box Pillsbury Funfetti Cake Mix

1/4 Cup Canola Oil

1/4 Cup water

1 egg or egg substitute


Preheat oven to 350

Mix all the ingredients together. Place about two inches apart on a parchment line baking sheets.

Bake for 10 minutes or until bottom is very lightly brown.

Makes 47 Cookies:

Calories per cookie:  57,  Fat:  2.1,  Sodium:  78,  Carbs:  9.2,  Fiber:  .1,  Sugar:  5.9,  Protein:  .4

Off the subject, did you watch Two and Half Men Monday night?   Finally Ashton Kutcher shaved his beard and cut his hair.  Wow does he look so much better, but dam he looks young now.  I’ve been waiting all season for him to do that.  I have to say I’m still enjoying the show.  Allen really makes the show and his son Jake, getting high, oh boy!  Allen is going to have problems.  So even though Charlie isn’t on there, I still like the show.  I wasn’t sure at first, but Ashton has grown on me.

But for Monday nights, I really enjoy Two Broke Girls.  Some of that stuff they say on that show is just bad for an 8:30pm show, but I love it!  What do expect from the producers of Sex in the City?

Do you watch those shows?  What do you think of Two and a Half Men and Two Broke Girls?

Well besides cookie cravings I got a donut craving too!  I gotta stop!!  What is wrong with me?   I’m going to find a low calorie donut recipe and make that!  he he  Have a great day!!!

P.S.  I want to thank you for your nice comments, especially about my photo’s.  I’ve been trying to take better pictures.  I ordered a book so I can read up more on photography, that should be coming later this week.  It’s not easy taking pictures of food, especially in the evening.  So thank you, that puts a smile on my face!  🙂


  1. I think I went about…three days before breaking out the butter and sugar post-holidays. But I’ve always been a glutton for punishment. Or just a glutton. 😛

    I’ve actually never had cake cookies but funfetti sounds like the perfect place to start! LOVE IT.

    I used to watch two and a half men all the time in college but I actually don’t own a tv anymore, so I’m relegated to whatever’s on at the gym when I go (usually Real Housewives). I wonder if Hulu has two and a half men…

  2. These cookies LOOK fun and put a smile on my face. Not only that, I’m positive that my girls would LOVE them. I’ll have to give them a try.

  3. You have no idea how excited I was about these! ^^ Funfetti has got to be my favorite type of pastry…insertion? It can be in anything and its just so fun!

  4. The cookies look delicious and I’m glad your positive outlook is feeling good! Your photos, by the way, are stunning! I haven’t watched 2.5 men in a few years and I don’t watch the other one. If it’s not the News or Food Network, I probably haven’t seen it….sigh….I’m out of touch!

  5. These are really cute cookies! That’s a great idea to add the spinkles.

  6. These cookies look so fun & festive and I love the photos! We have a website devoted to cookie recipes and if you’re interested would love to have you share own of your favorite cookie recipes with us.

  7. How else can you make these cookies??…Ive went to a grocerie store and cannot find the Philsbury FuNFetti cake mix?…and they look so delicious, my son would love them!

    • Huh, that’s weird that you can’t find it. Next time you go to Target check there, thats where I buy mine. My only recommendation would be to get white cake mix and a jar of sprinkles. Follow my directions, and when you mix the batter up add about 2 to 4 tablespoons of sprinkles. I would think that would work. Thast the only thing I could think of. Let me know if it works, if you try it. So white cake batter, 1/4 cup of oil, 1/4 cup of water, 1 egg and 2 – 4 tablespoons of sprinkles. I would imagine that would work.

  8. Ill try that out and let you know……I live in a small town…with three grocerie stores lol, I dont think they sell it.

  9. Hi! I loved the idea of these cookies and couldn’t wait to try them. I followed your recipe, except using vegetable oil instead of canola because that’s what I had. The cookies did not spread out! They tasted delicious, but looked like little blobs instead of cookies. Could the vegetable oil have made a difference? I was disappointed in their appearance, but did love the cake texture and flavor! =)

    • Hmmm, I’m not sure, I don’t think so though? I made these twice and they came out fine, however it’s been about a year. I’ll have tot ry it again and let you know. I’ll make them next time with vegetable oil and see how they turn out. Sorry about that!


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